His Omega by AC Katt

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his omega


On his way home from a meeting of the North American werewolf council, Armand La Marche is stopped in his limousine by a boy who is hurt by an unknown assailant who murdered his friend. After decades of searching, Armand has found his mate. There is one problem, someone is trying to kill Sean.

Sean Quinn’s friend Leroy was gutted trying to protect him. He runs for help and stops the first car he sees.

Armand LaMarche is head Alpha of the North American werewolf council and was in his limousine on his way home to his Manhattan brownstone. When the wounded boy stops his car, Armand recognizes two things:the boy is part wolf, an Omega with a great gift, and he’s Armand’s mate. Now all Armand has to do is claim his mate and keep him safe from the murderer.

Morgan’s Review

Sean is an art student who comes out to his dad and is thrown out into the streets. He has no money, no job and is about to become a rent boy when he is attacked. He’s “rescued” by Leonard, but his would-be friend/pimp gets killed trying to protect him and Sean gets injured, but is rescued again by Armand.

Both the attacker and Armand are werewolves. It turns out Sean is a werewolf too, only he doesn’t know it. But that isn’t all.  Sean is no ordinary werewolf, he has special powers. Armand wants Sean because he is his mate. The attacker wants Sean’s special powers.

Armand nurses Sean back to health, tells him about the supernatural and they “fall in love”.

The rest of the story is preparing Sean to be a special Omega wolf and working on capturing the other werewolf after Sean.  Sean comes into his powers at 25, Armand wants to be married before mating him, if Sean is taken before he’s mated his powers can be easily stripped from him, so there is some time pressure, as well.


Overall, this was an okay shifter story. Insta-love. Medium-hot sex. Semi-believable conflict. Lots of “I love yous”, “babys” and “honeys”.

If you’re a sucker for a sentimental, traditional “mates” type shifter story (like me) this is a book for you. There is next to nothing about being a wolf in this story other than as a plot device to explain the insta-love.

If you want a story with a more meaty storyline, more “shifting”, more “realism”…you might want to skip this.

I enjoyed it for what it is and give it 3.5 of 5 hearts



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