Abercrombie Zombie by KZ Snow

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A tale of life, love, death, and other mysteries of the universe . . . including the importance of a good wardrobe.

Dead folks are the best friends of Quinn McConnell and Hunter Janz. Dead folks pay the bills for this team of psychic mediums . . . but just barely. To make it into the financial comfort zone, they need to outshine their competition.

Quinn needs even more than that. He’s been infatuated with his partner for the nearly three years they’ve been together, and if he can’t either get over his crush or make something happen with Hunter, they’ll have to split up. Sexual tension and unrequited love can wreak havoc with a psychic’s reception.

Salvation comes hobbling along in the form of a well-dressed but ravaged-looking man who can clearly see and converse with the dearly departed. Why? Because, he claims, he has something in common with them: He’s also been dead. The zombie who calls himself Dustin DeWind needs the psychics’ help in finding the man who made him what he is. In return, he promises to steer them toward the often elusive spirits that are their stock in trade.

But something more goes on when Quinn and Hunter forge an uneasy alliance with Dustin DeWind. It seems he’s also nudging them toward each other .



Quinn and Hunter are psychics who can sense the emotions of people from places and things they’ve touched. They help the cops, do private investigating, and some talk shows. Though they met in an odd way (a one time hook-up at a wedding) they are business partners and friends now, and have been for years.

Quinn is out and proud and secretly pining for Hunter. Hunter is a “straight man” who occasionally finds men attractive. He’s been engaged up until recently and though he seems pretty touchy feely with Quinn, he has never approached Quinn again sexually or even spoken of their first meeting years ago.

The psychic duo are approached after one of their talk-show gigs by a dapper but somehow dilapidated man seeking their expertise on a personal matter. He claims he can speak with the dead, but won’t say how and won’t tell them any more until he feels he can trust them.

To prove himself, the man who calls himself (pun intended) Dustin DeWind, agrees to meet with them at an old asylum Quinn, Hunter and their paranormal group are investigating. Dustin claims he’ll prove he can speak with the dead and help them with their cases in return for their psychic help with his own, personal problem.

At the asylum Dustin communicates with a homophobic ghost and afterward asks the pair to help find Dustin’s ex-lover – the man who turned Dustin into a zombie.

Though they are still not so sure what to make of the guy (zombie and all) they agree Dustin has talent and his sob story is very compelling. So they go on a search for the ex. Meanwhile, Dustin keeps pointing out how the couple seems to be more than just friends and this spurs some interesting and revealing conversations between Quinn and Hunter. Neither man wants to lose their partnership but these feelings between them have to be addressed and it looks like things will need to change – one way or another.


What a surprise this book was! I was expecting it to be one thing (kinda spooky, kinda goofy, maybe even a little silly) but instead found it to be a really well written, thought provoking and sweetly sentimental story.

The magic and psychic stuff was fun! (I love it when paranormal authors actually capitalize on that unique feature of their books and do something with their characters’ powers/skills/etc.) Dustin’s part of the story was bitter-sweet but also interesting and moving and added quite a bit to the story.

I really liked how Hunter and Quinn’s romance subtly moved forward along with the “mystery” and that it wasn’t a big or over the top transition from friends to lovers. The pair had known each other for years and I was pleasantly surprised by the “reveal” in its simplicity.

There are only a few smexy times, but it’s pleny hot and felt like just the right amount for the story.

I really enjoyed this book, thought the writing and world-building was excellent, and will gladly look for more from this author.

I give it 4.5 of 5 hearts