Blue Days by Mary Calmes

Optimized-Blue daysFalling for a coworker is rarely a good idea, especially for a man getting a last chance at salvaging his career. But from the moment Dwyer Knolls sees the beautiful but socially awkward Takeo Hiroyuki, he seems destined to make bad decisions.

Takeo’s life is a string of failed attempts to please his traditional Japanese father. Unfortunately, succeeding in business turns out to be just as difficult for Takeo as changing from gay to straight. In fact, the only thing Takeo seems to truly excel at is taking notice of Dwyer Knolls.

When Dwyer and Takeo head to Mangrove, Florida on a real estate buying trip, their tentative friendship combusts and becomes much more. Is their sudden connection real enough to bank their futures on, or should they chalk the whole thing up to the daze inspired by the blue ocean breeze?

Marieke’s Review:

Dwyer thinks he’s about to lose his job, but then is give a new partner. Mak is hilarious and they are a perfect team. But Mak is not the only new colleague Dwyer gets. Takeo Hiroyuki is Dwyer’s dream man, but he has no idea is the man is gay. He starts to talk and ‘play’ with Takeo.

Takeo is Japanese, and doesn’t get the whole social conversation thing. He takes everything too literal and is a perfectionist to the littlest detail. He’s all business and no pleasure to everyone but Dwyer. His colleagues start calling him the Ice Prince.

Then one day Dwyer has to go to Florida for business, but instead of Mak, Takeo comes along. The trip changes everything, their relationship, their jobs and their ideals for the future.


Mary Calmes is not my favorite author… Yes I know, people will be shocked and all that, but that’s just my taste. I did, however, liked this book a whole lot. The only thing I would’ve changed was the length. If it was longer, the part from friends to lovers could’ve been worked out better.

I love Takeo. Dwyer is sweet and funny, but in this story Takeo stole my heart. He’s so clueless and socially awkward, I just had to love him. His father is––predictably–– the asshole here, and I was very happy that the two men move on without remorse.

But this bit could have been more angty too. More confrontation, and maybe even a bit of a rough spot with the new B&B, because dad was making it hard for them. But, as it is a novella, this was not annoying or anything.

It was a heart-warming story with lots of humor. It’s definitely something the Mary fans will adore, as did I.

Rating: 4


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