Whitedell Pride Series Books 1-4 by Catherine Lievens

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Sometimes even a small decision can change your life.

Jamie is a normal guy with a normal, if not boring, life. Everything changes when he goes camping and stumbles on a well-guarded secret in the woods: shifters exists! It opens a whole new world to him, a world he wouldn’t have thought possible outside a novel, and he has to decide if Ward is worth the changes that are turning his life upside down.

Ward has searched for his mate for a long time, and now that he has found Jamie, he will do everything he can to keep his gorgeous human, even face jealous exes or try to convince Jamie to get over his fear of relationships. He needs a chance, just one, but just as Jamie begins to trust him, things starts to crumble.

When Jamie disappears, Ward looks for him, but without clues, how can he find his mate? Will he find Jamie in time to save him from a horrible future?


Sometimes the best thing that can happen to someone happens in the middle of a crisis.

Derick is running from his pack, his family. He has to, if he wants to save innocent people. His Alpha is planning an attack on the Whitedell Pride, and he can’t let it happen. Sure, he knows he will probably have to pay a price for his betrayal, but he is ready to do it. He hadn’t thought his price would be a good one, until he finds his mate in the pride.

Nate is the pride’s Beta, and as Beta, he has to follow the unspoken rules that exist in the shifter community. He wasn’t looking for a mate, and he certainly didn’t think his mate would be a wolf shifter. Not that he has anything against wolf shifters, but this one brings way too many problems with him.

Derick’s Alpha knows what he has done, and he plans to make him pay. When Derick is kidnapped, Nate has to decide if he wants to play by the rules and risk his mate, or if he’s going to save Derick, risking a justified attack from the pack.


You can’t outrun the past, especially when it comes back to get you.

Nolan has been in the scientists’ hands for months. He’s finally rescued, but it’s only to be abandoned in a snowy Whitedell, alone. Luckily for him he’s a cat shifter, and who wouldn’t want to adopt a cute kitty like him? That’s how he ends up in the middle of a house full of felines so much bigger than him, who could eat him for breakfast. They don’t, but a new problem arises. Nolan meets his mate, a mate he doesn’t want.

Casey ran from his birth pride years ago and spent most of his life alone in his cheetah form. After being rescued by Dominic, the pride’s Alpha, he is happy to find his mate, even if it seems Nolan doesn’t want him. Just as they start solving their problems, someone from Casey’s past comes back, someone who will do anything to have him back, even hurting Casey, or worse, Nolan.

Will Nolan and Casey be able to save their budding relationship from Casey’s past, or will they be separated forever?

Sometimes you have to decide if helping others is more important than your own safety.

Finn has been free from the lab for months, but he still isn’t happy. After finding out his mate didn’t want him, he went back home to his tribe, where he is once again beaten and ignored. The mansion is the only place in which he feels safe, if only he didn’t have to face the mate who doesn’t want him…

Bryce has been heartbroken since Keenan left him. He was sure he didn’t want Finn as his mate, but finding out that the Nix is being hurt changes that. He knows he will have to grovel for Finn to forgive him, but he will gladly do that and much more to insure that Finn is safe.

While they find their way to each other, Finn uncovers a secret that might tear him apart. Will Bryce be able to win Finn’s trust and keep him safe?


Catherine Lievens has a new (to me) shifter series. In the Whitedell Pride the alpha has collected misfit shifters, predominately feline shifters, and offered them sanctuary. Life isn’t easy, though. Besides finding their mates, the pride faces many obstacles along life’s path. For example, some of the pride -mates were found on a rescue mission saving shifters from a mad scientist running experiments. Also, the neighboring wolf pack is a source of contention. And finally, keeping the secret from humans is a continual source of trouble.

The basic shifter paradigm is in place: once a shifter “scents” his mate, he knows it is fate and the two are destined to live long, happy lives together. They heal when they shift, they live longer than the average human, they share senses with their shifted form, etc.

Some of what makes the series unique: In each book there is a strong resistance to mating from one or both parties. In book 1, Jamie doesn’t want a shifter or a boyfriend, because he’s been burned in the past. In book 2, the inter-mixing of species is an issue. In book 3, Casey thinks he’s broken because he has no sex drive. In book 4, Bryce had fallen in love with a human and then found he had a mate.

Each book is pretty short, a little over a hundred pages. There is plenty of hot shifter/mate sex. There is a lot of excitement in each book, some major crisis to overcome. The writing, editing and basic story lines are well done. Sure, the basic “romance” is fairly predictable. Meet. Resist. Overcome resistance. Danger. Re-connect and ILY. But… it’s done well and if you like the basic shifter formula, you’ll like these books as well.

Overall I am really enjoying the series and am looking forward to the next two in the series!

3.5 of 5 hearts