Must Love Dogs by K Lynn

Dreamspinner Presents


Since a mugging a year ago, Ben’s lived with blindness. Despite an art career on hold and a deadbeat boyfriend who left him because of his disability, he’s finally getting his life back on track. Ben is gaining a new sense of independence thanks to his guide dog, Colt.

But Ben’s carefully balanced life is thrown into chaos when veterinarian Dr. Jay Connor hits Colt with his car. While Colt is on the mend and recovering nicely, Ben finds that Jay is not only fond of Colt, but also quite interested in Ben.

However, one overheard conversation might put a stop to their romance before it can grow into something more. Maybe Ben’s destined to go it alone in the dark. Or can Jay help him see there’s still a chance for happily ever after?


Ben was attacked and made blind. His boyfriend left him when it was clear the blindness was permanent. Now he is a painter struggling to find a new outlet for his art. His newly acquired guide dog is bumped into (not really hurt) by Jay’s car when Ben is out one night.

Jay is a veterinarian who falls for Ben and his dog nearly upon first meeting them. He tries very hard to break down the walls Ben has built to protect himself from hurt and is almost “in” when a misunderstanding nearly ruins everything.


This is a short, relatively angst-free story of two men falling in love while learning to trust one another. It is fairly low steam, but sweet. The author could do a better job of showing over telling and the “misunderstanding” was a little silly, but overall it was enjoyable.

3.5 of 5 hearts