Noah’s Reward (Withowe Forest Pack 4): Violet Joicey Cowen

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Blurb: Lion-shifter Noah Anderson is a broken man when he meets his destined mate, wolf-shifter Astley Donovan. Astley himself is still young, so they have years to get to know each other and for Noah to heal before he will be able to claim his mate. Someone has been watching though, who mistakes Astley for their own mate. When he sees his chance, he kidnaps Astley, leaving a devastated Noah behind.

Astley wakes in a strange place where time moves differently and with no sign of the one who brought him there. He has no idea how he will get back to his family or to the man he is growing to love.

Will the mates ever be reunited? And if they are, what will happen? Because in the time Astley has been gone, everything has changed…

Review: This is book #4 of the Withowe Pack series and finally gives us the story of Noah, a lion shifter and his mate, Astley, a wolf shifter. Noah was introduced in the book one as one of the shifters rescued from a group of individuals who experimented and tortured paranormals. He meets Astley, his mate, at the alpha’s house.

At this time, Astley is a mere boy so of course, Noah waits until Astley’s of age for them to live their lives together as mates. Astley’s taken to another dimension by someone who thinks that Astley should be with him.  In this place, time moves a lot faster and Astley of age to finally be with Noah. 

This story took an unexpected but creative and acceptable turn to move Astley’s age along.   As usual, the author took great care in referencing events from previous books. This enables you to be able to keep up with what’s going on with each character from one book to the next. She also did a wonderful job of maintaining order when writing multiple POVs. You never once lose track of what is going on with either character.  What I also enjoy about this series is that this pack is made up different species and live together, love and respect each other as a family.

If you’re a fan of shifters and vampires with a touch of magic thrown in, this series is for you.

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Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️