Ilya and the Wolf by Rory Ni Coileain

Dreamspinner Presents:



Accepting shapeshifter Volyk’s Christmas offer will change Ilya’s life forever.
Ilya, the youngest son of a Moscow oligarch, is so deep in the closet he’d find Narnia if that weren’t a decadent Western story. On Christmas Eve, his brothers lure him into the forest, intending to murder him and erase the shame he inflicts on their family by existing. However, the attempt is interrupted by Volyk, a wolf who carries the blood of the ancient oboroten’ —shapeshifters. Ilya never imagined a Christmas gift like the handsome wolf, but accepting what Volyk offers will have consequences that change both of their lives forever.



In this tremendously sweet shifter story, a gay man of Russian Royalty (Ilya) is tricked by homophobes into going out in the snow to gather wood. They end up attacking him and nearly kill him.

Ilya is saved by a “wolf” with a fascinating story to share and a life of mated perfection to save him forever from those that would call him an abomination.

The writing is beautiful and fluid and has a fairytale like quality to it.

I hope/wish there are more stories from this “world” as it was beautifully created and wonderful to read.

I give it 5 of 5 hearts