River Walk (Sundown Series #3) by KC Kendricks

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river walk

(Book III in the Sundown series)

Detective Fallon Roxbury has a big problem. A twenty-year-old cold case turned hot threatens to expose his secret—shapeshifters exist and they’re living in Montgomery Circle under his protection. Between a new witness and a group of fanatical alien watchers, Fallon’s scrambling to uphold the law and keep his promises intact. He already knows no power on earth can keep his shapeshifter lover from stepping into the mix.
Sundown has come into his own with his human lover by his side. Fallon is his compass, and shield, as he seeks to keep his Clan united and teach them most humans can be trusted. A catalyst, Sundown is rare among his kind, a descendant of heroes. The status of his Clan rests on him and he’s determined to see his people prosper on this world owned by humans—without the humans knowing shapeshifters walk among them.
Secrets have a way of being exposed. Fallon’s not the only one who knows about Sundown’s kind. A cop used to right and wrong being black and white, Fallon struggles to learn shades of gray. Their relationship is tested as Fallon and Sundown race against the clock to find a kidnapped shapeshifter before the Clan takes matters into their own hands. Because if they fail, Fallon knows his lover will be forced to stand with his people and act against him.



This series just gets more and more exciting! In book one we basically met our two MCs and they started their affair. In book two the lovers grew much closer and began to work with one another on solving crimes. In book three we find out that the Chal have been holding information back from Fallon and though it kills him to do it, Sundown is allowed to only answer direct questions from Fallon, keeping him in the dark about a lot of things.

The other problem is Juny and Juny’s brother. Both know there is something “other” out there and Juny suspects Sundown is it.

When one of the baby Chal goes missing Juny, his brother, Sundown and the Elders (!) have to work together to bring the baby back.

We are left with a little dangling carrot at the end – the idea that the rescued baby Chal might just play a role in the next installment – and that little guy is gonna be trouble!

I really enjoyed watching Sundown and Fallon make promises to one another, deciding that despite the challenges they would be there for the long haul. I was also glad Juny got the information, because he was starting to cause ripples.

I will be sad with this series ends, I’ve really gotten to enjoy Fallon and Sundown’s romance and the world created by KC Kendricks.

I give it 4.5 of 5 hearts