White Lies by Jack Byrne

Dreamspinner Presents


Brent Winton is doing all the wrong things for all the right reasons. Since the death of their parents years ago, Brent is helping his younger brother Zach through law school in sunny Queensland, Australia. The boys share a cheap flat, and Brent works two jobs to support them, but Zach thinks the second job is merely bar tending. In reality Brent has turned to gay prostitution to ensure that Zach has all the best textbooks and the up-to-date laptop he needs so he can focus on his studies. When hot Russian refugee Dimitri moves in next door, Brent finds him mesmerizing, but fears that if he gets involved, Dimitri will expose Brent’s white lies. But Dimitri has a dark secret of his own, and the question becomes how either of them can learn to trust the other without blowing their cover.


Brent is working as a rent boy to help his younger brother through law school. Dimitri is fresh from Sochi where his brethren can be killed for being gay.

Together they find love and find a way to live with their past mistakes.


This is a sometimes awkward and unbelievable but very sweet novella.

I liked the motivations the MCs had in their decision making even though sometimes the dialog and the way things worked out didn’t really feel authentic.

I think there are parts that are uncomfortable and some people won’t like in regard to Brent’s career choice, but in the end I think the author did a fair job explaining away the decision each MC made in regards to how those choices were handled and why they were made.

3.5 of 5 hearts