The Ship Engineer (Workplace Encounters Book 4) by Serena Yates

Dreamspinner Presents

Nathan Kappas, newly promoted to second engineer on the cruise ship Sapphire, has eyes only for the vessel he’s about to board. He literally runs into Harper Quade, a singer and dancer hired to entertain passengers. Harper has always wanted to travel, and working onboard the Sapphire keeps him away from his abusive ex-boyfriend. As they sail to Hawaii, Tahiti, and other exotic destinations, Nathan and Harper soon share a cabin and a deepening connection, which surprises Nathan, who generally prefers the predictability of machines to people. But an employee who feels jilted when Harper gets promoted harasses him, and Harper’s dangerous past refuses to let him escape. Harper might not be as safe on the Sapphire as he assumed, but Nathan will do anything to protect him.


Nathan is a socially awkward, virgin! who starts a new job on a cruise ship where he meets the very outgoing Harper. Harper is a performer who gets a job on a cruise ship, escaping an abusive ex.

There is very little angst between Nathan and Harper as their relationship develops and grows. It becomes clear to Nathan that Harper means more than a ship-board romance when he is kidnapped by his ex.

Like the previous books in this series we get a unique look at a profession – in this case working on a cruise ship – and a quick, but sweet love story between two men.

I thoughtthe story was cute, the sex nice, the romance sweet, the editing good but I found the dialog to be a little stiff and awkward.

(Don’t judge this book by the cover – the book is MUCH better!)

3.5 of 5 hearts