The Backup Boyfriend (Book 1) Audiobook by River Jaymes Narrated by Marc Bachmann

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back up boyfriend audioBlurb

Professionally, Dr. Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals. As this year’s recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr. Tyler Hall, Alec’s work with the homeless is about to be recognized. Unfortunately, his personal life sucks because now he has to attend several events alongside Tyler – with his ex’s new boyfriend in tow. In an attempt to lift his mood and break out of his rut, Alec purchases a motorcycle he has no idea how to start. Dylan Booth doesn’t have time for Dr. Clueless and his fickle 1964 Harley, but the cocky mechanic can’t say no to the request for help.
Having spent his teen years on the streets, and losing his best friend to HIV, Dylan decides teaching the do-gooder how to ride is the least he can do. But watching Alec flounder in his ex’s company throws Dylan into protector mode, and the confirmed hetero introduces himself as Alec’s new boyfriend. But Dylan’s a master bullshitter, and the phony PDA soon turns ultra-hot. Alec can’t afford to get attached, and Dylan’s learned everyone eventually leaves. Unfortunately, playing the backup boyfriend is starting to feel way too real….

Book Review

Alec is in a bind. He’s been dumped, needs a new “look” and some external reassurance that he’s not all washed up.

He does this by buying a motorcycle he has no business buying and then failing miserably at driving it.

Fortunately a friend recommends he talk with a mechanic, Dylan, about the bike. As events fold out, Dylan surprises Alec by being willing to put on a brave face and “fake” being a boyfriend for Alec at his exes party – even though Dylan identifies as straight.

Things get out of hand after a lot of alchol and the surprisingly versatile Dylan opens up to Alec in a sexual way that neither anticipated. The two are hot for each other!

They begin to explore this “relationship” more and find an amazing amount of compatibility. But – when things start to get serious – both outside and internal forces work to drive them apart as well as to really look into their hearts as to what it means to be gay/straight/bi and what does it mean to have a boyfriend/partner/relationship.


Though I thought that the growth each of the characters went through was impressive, I wanted a bit more of an emotional connection between them to receive page time.

I loved the GFY/Gay-virgin sexy times and thought that it was a refreshing take to have the “straight” guy be so open and honest in his exploration.

3.75 of 5 hearts

Audio Review

Marc Bachmann did an excellent job with this! I loved his Dylan and Alex – they were as I’d pictured them in my head! He did a fantastic job with the other voices – keeping them all differentiated and his smexy scenes were smoldering! I really enjoyed this narration and will look for his narrations in the future.
I think the narration really added to my overall enjoyment, taking some of the less than fluid phrasing used by the author and infusing more organically genuine emotion into the scenes.

5 of 5 hearts

Overall 4.5 of 5 hearts




PS Why did they change the Audiobook cover?  The other was a much better cover IMHO 🙁