Shifting Hearts-Silvia Violet

Publisher: Silvia Violet Books/Create Space (Independent Publishing Platform)

After experiencing what happens when someone you love walks away and never looks back, Brandon decided love was for fools. Then he spent a summer with Zach. He struggled against feelings that grew every time he and Zach were together, telling himself they were just having a fling. When Zach confessed his love one hot summer night, Brandon panicked. He scoffed at Zach and made sure he walked away first.

Three years later, their paths cross again when Zach becomes the vet at Wild R Farm where Brandon works. Brandon realizes his feelings haven’t changed, but Zach treats Brandon with scorn despite Brandon’s every attempt to show Zach he’s no longer the self-centered man he used to be. When a night out ends with Brandon driving Zach home, confessions are made on both sides, and hope begins to build in Brandon’s heart.

2014-10-27 23.10.07This is book # 6 in the Wild R Farm series and the first book I’ve read from this series.  I went in reading thinking that I was going to be confused because I started with the sixth book.  Boy, was I pleasantly surprised.  The author did a great job of providing a back story so I didn’t run into any of the plot holes I expected to run into when starting in the middle of series. The characters were well written which is what I have come to expect from a Silvia Violet book. Her characters are men who are tough but not so much that they can’t admit their true feelings towards each other. Brandon isn’t a bad man, just a man that’s been hurt before and as often with people who have been hurt, they bring that past baggage into current relationships. This made Brandon out to be somewhat of a jerk but that wasn’t the case.  Brandon felt that he had to protect his heart and by doing that he ended up hurting the man he loved. Zach and Brandon come into contact with each other again after a couple years and they find that the love is still there buried under layers of anger and hurt. Yes, Brandon was a jerk and time hasn’t exactly put Zach in a forgive and forget mood.  I especially loved how the author allows you to observe how the characters in the previous books interact with each other and with the two main characters. Their personalities intrigued me quite a bit and I will definitely read the rest of the series to find out more about them.  As always, Silvia does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life. You care about them and makes you want to get to know them more.  They linger with you after you finish reading.  This book was a delightful read and I definitely recommend it.




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