Loving an Absentminded Astrophysicist by TN Tarrant

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At twenty-three, Dr. Liam McGregor is a well-respected astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and geologist. With no family, few friends, and no romantic prospects, he’s used to being alone. Focusing on his various scientific projects and taking care of his decidedly unusual cat help keep the loneliness at bay.

Jareth Manning is starting life over—new town, new job—after the loss of his husband. The last thing he expects is for the most absentminded, and beautiful, man he’s ever seen to take up residence in his heart. Nor did he expect to find himself a willingly humble slave to Her Imperial Highness, Empress the Cat. But Jareth has learned that love doesn’t come around often and to hold on to it when it does. Jareth is willing to be patient if Liam is willing to take a risk after being burned before. They just have to survive Liam’s past returning.

Eight years after Liam and Jareth marry, they want a child. Things don’t go well when they try to adopt, with terrible accusations thrown at Jareth. After recovering, they proceed with a private adoption, bringing home a beautiful little girl, Carinae. Then things get ugly, endangering not only Liam’s life, but Carinae’s.


I want to say first and foremost : This. Is. Fiction.

Ok, now that we set the mood…

Liam is super-brilliant and gets lost in his work, thus he runs into things, knocks things over, misses social cues, breaks things, falls down… he’s a mess. His childhood sucked. His parents are in jail for their abuses of him. His work is mostly wonderful except when the other geniuses get jealous. But… he’s very lonely. He hasn’t had a great romantic history and doesn’t know what to do about that. But… he has an awesome cat and some pretty amazing friends.

Enter Jareth. Jareth is a widower. (Can I get an awwwww?) He lost his husband a couple of years ago and though he loved him dearly, he is ready to move on when he meets Liam who just hits all of his buttons. Jareth is hired as security for Liam after Liam gets attacked at work.

Jareth straight out adores Liam and Liam is entranced by Jareth.

Their romance is a slow build from simple friendship to lovers over time. While their romance is building there are things happening at work that keep Jareth busy protecting Liam and add some spice to our romantic storyline.

The second half of the story is in fact an entire second book (This is really a book one with a couple of cute novellas and then a sequel all wrapped into one novel.)
In the second half we are several years down the line and Jareth and Liam are married and looking to adopt. But… there are lots of road blocks and danger and Liam is still in need of protection.

We end with a glorious HEA and the possibility for expanding the family to four!


Like I said at the beginning of the review, this is fiction. There are some ridiculous things that happen to this couple that are just plain … fictional. Jareth is constantly being hauled in on accusations of spousal abuse. Numerous people (including his parents, three times!) come after Liam with guns and knives and brass knuckles. Their little tiny cat has litter after litter of sweet Siamese kittens with no other health concerns. The adopted baby’s mother inherits $263 million but still wants to give up her baby because she doesn’t want to be a single mom.

Ok. It’s a lot. But I gotta tell ya – I still loved this story. I adored Jareth and Liam together as a couple with their “science” arguments. I loved the over the top drama. I loved the ooey gooey love story and the almost super hero like qualities Jareth had. I thought the sex was hot! I loved that Liam had a pudgy belly! I loved that Jareth goes gray!

I just plain loved this book!

If you are willing to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the geeky magical love fest- this is the book for you!

5 of 5 hearts