The Last Guy Breathing Novel and Audiobook by Skylar M Cates narrated by Matt Baca

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last guyBlurb

Henry Clueley doesn’t want to be in Glamour, not after moving far away to overcome a difficult, if privileged, childhood. He’s no longer that pudgy kid desperate to escape his hometown, but it still holds painful memories. When his recently widowed mother needs him, however, “dependable Henry” does the right thing—even if it means leaving the IRS to take a boring corporate position. Things don’t stay boring for long. Soon Henry helps the local sheriff’s department unravel a crime. Posing as half of a fake couple seems like a fun idea… until Henry learns he already knows the deputy playing his other half.

Deputy Locke may be new to the Glamour Sheriff’s Department, but he’s fought his way up in the world and is determined to make a good impression. He keeps his private life quiet, even from his beloved younger brother. Locke knows better than most the need to protect what’s his.

Henry resents the arrogant, gorgeous cop, and Locke thinks Henry is sheltered and spoiled. Their secret and steamy encounter only adds to the animosity. As they join forces, Henry thinks a relationship with Locke would be catastrophic, but the white-hot passion between them makes it hard to resist.


Henry is an accountant who moved back to Glamour to help his widowed mother. He used to be chubby and now strives hard to keep his new, more fit shape. His dad was a giant jerk, and he’s had real rotten luck with relationships. Until now.

Locke is a hard-nosed cop who moved to Glamour when he got in trouble for whistle-blowing in Phoenix. His family life was also less than stellar and the only family he knows now is his younger brother. He’s gay, but not out and he doesn’t “do” relationships. Until now.

Locke and Henry get together for the first time at Dean and Anthony’s wedding. (Yay!!!) They have a hot round of sex then Locke treats Henry like crap and they don’t see much of each other except when Locke is handing out speeding tickets to Henry.

There is a suicide and a subsequent investigation into the woman’s place of work, which happens to be where Henry works, conducted by Locke’s police department. It’s decided that Locke and Henry must pose as lovers to gain inside information about the financial planners Henry works for to try to expose the cause of the suicide.

At first things are terrible… well terribly HOT… between Henry and Locke. The sexual tension is nearly unbearable, but outside of the physical, they can’t stand one another.

As they work closely with one another on the case, little by little the defenses crumble and they begin an active “no strings” affair… but Henry is seeing strings and maybe… maybe Locke is too.

There is a lot of intrigue. Some family drama on both sides. Lots and lots of hot sex. Some personal drama with Dean and Anthony. Some more hot sex. And finally… a very HEA.


This, by far, is my favorite of the “Last Guy” series. It is a really sweet, very sexy, very exciting, very well-written novel. I can really see the improvement, book to book in Skylar Cates’ writing. Her characters are by far her best asset – they are interesting and well-developed and easy to love, both the MCs and the secondary characters as well.

I think the story line in this was by far the most interesting of the three, the mystery and the drama and all the extra stuff that can sometimes overwhelm a romance really did a nice job of show-casing it instead and keeping the reader enthralled.

I am a definite fan of the series and hope we see more from Skylar soon!


Matt Baca did the other narrations for this series and like the author’s writing, this is the best of the three. I really like his grumpy Locke and his sweet Henry.

Writing/Editing 5

Romance 5

Sex/Heat 6

Storyline 5

World Building/Characterizations 5

Narration 4.5

Overall 5 of 5 hearts!