Dallas in Wonderland by Evan Gilbert

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Dallas Fox owns porn movie studio Wonderland and for him, sex is all about business. He hasn’t felt passion in a long time, so he is surprised when he develops an attraction for Johnny Roman, a college student who has recently become a porn actor for the studio, and Miguel Duarte, an office assistant. Dallas is even more surprised when he realizes they are as interested in him as they are in each other. Those attractions violate Dallas’s number one rule: no mixing business and pleasure.

Dallas slowly lets his guard down, and eventually winds up in bed with both Johnny and Miguel. Their painful backgrounds are similar, and they begin forging bonds that could grow into something much deeper. Miguel, however, faces a threat that could endanger them all and destroy any chance of finding the romance they want and need.


Dallas is the consummate “bottom”, and has played that role for years, turning it from a role in porn to owning his own successful studio. His life is good, but he’s lonely – he just doesn’t realize it yet.
Johnny is living life well. He’s in school, has a bright future, making money doing something he loves – playing the hard-assed “top” for Dallas’ studio. But – he’s had a crush on Dallas for years and though Dallas plays a bottom in every role he’s ever done – he’s really a top outside the studio. Johnny – who’s never bottomed isn’t sure he’s ready for that. Not to mention, Dallas has a strict “no fraternization with employees” rule.

Miguel stumbles into studio life when his roommate runs off mysteriously with the rent, leaving him high and dry and desperate. Luckily Dallas’ business partner finds Miguel before he ends up renting out his ass and gives him an assistant job at the studio. There Miguel sees Johnny and Dallas and their chemistry and wishes he could be part of it. But no one like them could ever see someone like him and think he’d make a great partner – could they?

In a very brief period of time – all three men face some tough decisions/situations and end up thrown together. They find strength and love with one another in addition to some sizzling hot chemistry.

This is a short book, and so we end with essentially a solid HFN but it feels good and definitely on the path to longevity.

My only complaint is that the novella is full of “telling” and not nearly enough “showing”. There is a lot of information “dumped” on us as each character gives us their physical descriptions and back-stories. I would have appreciated taking the time to either develop these more organically or finding a way to give the information in a less clichéd way. (IE Dallas looks in the mirror and tells us what he sees as a way to let us know how he looks physically.)

This is a new author to me and I will definitely look for more in the future.

3.5 of 5 hearts