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Hello, Internet! Iím Lex Chase and I want to thank Kimi-chan for having me here today for the Chasing Sunrise Blog Tour!

Chasing Sunrise is a story I’ve carried in my head for years. It’s a high fantasy horror that challenges readers to think outside the box when it comes to heroes and villains. Our hero, King Sevon MaratÈ, ruler of a cannibalistic†aisa is trapped in a domestic violence situation while amidst trying to save his dying people. When the solution presents itself by conquering and exterminating the†windigo race, Sevon is challenged with what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s a tale of war, genocide, and love making monsters of us all.

And the question you’re all wondering right now is†where you come up with this?†It’s a bit of a long story.

Really.†Really long.

The world of Chasing Sunrise I created when I was 13 years old. Yeah really. In fact, it was Valentine’s Day 1992. Yes. The story is that old. Now the story†now is not the story it was†then. There was a particular breed of†aisa that didn’t make the cut (but still might!) There was an entirely different cast, a different main character (who was kind of a completely unlikeable douchebag if you ask me), and would you believe Chasing Sunrise once existed in a†cyberpunk†setting? Cannibals in cyberpunk? Well. I might have to write that book after all.

I elaborated on the DSP Publications blog of why have a hero who happens to be a cannibal. And like I mentioned there, when I was a kid, I suffered†some pretty horrific night terrors. And it’s no secret I live with mental illness. Writing about characters who†we†know as monsters as heroes was kind of my way of dissecting my nightmares. Making sense of the jumbles of images. Putting the feelings in some semblance of order. I was my way of laying out these monstrous things and saying “I see you for what you are, and you can’t scare me anymore.”

But it’s in writing these monstrous heroes, or these people who by†all†of our real world standards we understand as reprehensible and morally bankrupt, what if in the concept of†their world they aren’t at all? What if they too are law abiding citizens with their own form of government? From an outsider perspective anything could be considered “savage” or “evil.” I was explaining to my mother the other day, that as Americans, our country was founded as an act of treason. To my hostess Kimi-chan in the UK, waaaay back in 1776, that was a pretty barbaric act to the British. Now we hold hands and sing Kum-By-Yah. Save when 4th of July rolls around. Um…er…uh…sorry? 🙁 Awkward.

Now, I’d love to say the story of Chasing Sunrise came to me full formed and just magically one day here it is. Of course not. It took many†many iterations. The world of the Darkmore Saga and only five of the characters remain in some form. One of them, Dominic Ravensgrove is the villain. I’ve tried a million times to come up with a different name for him. Because…. Ravensgrove? Are you†kidding me? But it just stuck. Its a perfectly douchey name for such an asshole.

Sevon, his love interest Jack, and the world of the shifters are a completely new invention. The shifters once lived in a tree city. And then James Cameron’s Avatar stole my thunder. (Horrid movie by the way.) Now they live in a highly bastardized land mimicking ancient Rome with a kind of Roman Legion.†Legit, am I right?

Sevon is a funny little bird in I’ve only ever seen the name written. So I say “Seven” like the number. My editor says “Seh-VAWN” like “Dawn” which is actually correct. I say my own character’s name wrong. And I have for years. I’d like to apologize to my readers onto eternity because I’ll probably keep flubbing his name. I’m doing a reading over at Sinfully Gay Romance tomorrow, so you can all gaze in awe and wonder of my flubbing!

Question to you! What was your childhood dream? Did you want to be an astronaut? An archaeologist? A ballerina? (*raises hand to all the above!*) What was it? No matter how absurd, tell me about it.

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Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Paranormal
Series: The Darkmore Saga: Book One
Length: Novel
Published: April 5, 2016
Publisher: DSP Publications
ISBN: 978-1-63476-355-4
Buy: DSP Publications†| Omnilit | Amazon |†Barnes and Noble


The once glorious aisa kingdom of Darkmore lies in ruins, and King Sevon MaratÈ is trapped. Sevon endures unrelenting abuse and is used as a scapegoat by Lord Dominic Ravensgrove, who rules Darkmore from the shadows. Coping by dressing in gowns and jewels, the effeminate king relishes the scraps of freedom he is given to be himself.

As a verkolai, Sevon possesses the ability to part the Veil separating his world from hundreds of others. His gift provides a chance for escape, but Dominic refuses to relinquish his tool for power. When Dominic forges an ambitious plan to invade the prosperous shifter land of Priagust, he manipulates Sevonís desperation for his peopleís survival. Out of options, Sevon has no choice but to cooperate.

On their foray into Priagust, Dominic’s men abduct a shifter named Jack. Despite being tortured for information, Jack’s loyalty to his kind never wavers. But Jackís knowledge about Darkmoreís history unsettles Sevon, and a curious bond begins to form. Despite Sevonís mistrust, Jack is determined to tame the beautiful kingís wild heart and perhaps earn his freedom.

As war looms, Sevon fears Jackís kindness is another trap. Conflicted, Sevon wonders if he should risk chasing the sunrise or remain Dominic’s compliant prisoner.

1st Edition published by Dreamspinner Press, 2014.

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Question to you! What was your childhood dream? Did you want to be an astronaut? An archaeologist? A ballerina? (*raises hand to all the above!*) What was it? No matter how absurd, tell me about it.

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