Breakthrough by JH Knight

Dreamspinner Presents


The road to recovery is never easy, even when you’re just an innocent bystander to someone else’s addiction.

For Jack, it’s especially hard because he blames himself for his son Rick’s drug problems. It took Jack over half his life to admit to himself (and his wife) that he was gay, but years later, he still carries guilt over what his realization did to his son.

He never thought Rick’s treatment would help him rehabilitate too, but when Jack meets Seth, the man trying to help his son get back on his feet, it’s the breakthrough he never knew he needed.


Jack is a divorced man who split up because he realized he’s gay. He’s been holding on to that guilt – the perceived guilt of breaking up his family – for the last decade. When his adult son enters rehab, Jack feels responsible, so he’s willing to do anything to help – even group therapy.

While in therapy, Jack meets the amazing Seth, younger than Jack but older than his son, and manages to have a significant breakthrough on dealing with his own guilt issues.

Over the course of the next few months, Jack and Seth become email friends, supporting each other and just being friendly. But both men harbor secret desires for the other – the question is – will it ever happen?


This is a short story that feels like a full-length novel. JH Knight is a gifted writer and is able to condense the timeline in a way that doesn’t feel rushed or awkward or altered to meet page expectations. It felt organic and whole.

I loved Jack and his crying jags! Seth was a bit more of an unknown in this story and if we ever get a sequel I’d love more from his POV. Even the ex-wife is a wonderful person, and not a shrieking harpy!

All in all this was a sweet, loving and even a little bit hot and sexy, short-story!

5 of 5 hearts!