Waiting for the Moon and You by LJ LaBarthe

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All his life, Leith has loved Aaron, and all his life, Leith has wondered if Aaron returns his feelings. Through high school, college, and beyond, Leith and Aaron are drawn together and pulled apart. Leith is finally convinced he and Aaron are not meant to be when a cowardly act of violence against Leith changes everything.

Aaron returns to Leith’s side, but Leith struggles to accept that Aaron can love him now.

If Leith doesn’t overcome his doubts and fears, he will forever be waiting for the moon and Aaron… and true love.


Told with a lot of flashbacks – this is the story of Leith and his friends and (very briefly) his romance with Aaron.

I honestly can’t really rate this as a romance because 80% of this was NOT a romance – but Leith’s story.

If you are interested in a story about coming to grips with who you are and friendships and life… this is a book for you. But if you are interested in a romance about two men finding love with one another – you might be unhappy with this selection.

I was not a fan of the flashback writing style used here and so the overall experience was not great for me.

2 of 5 hearts



An intrepid trip to love (A little bite of love book one) by Charlie Cochet

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an intrepidBlurb

Tristan ‘Trip’ Hagan is a Husky shifter who was born to be the Hagan Clan’s next Alpha, a position of honor and nobility, a position he never wanted and was all too happy to pass onto his younger brother. But when they discovered his brother couldn’t have pups, the responsibility of continuing the Hagan Alpha line fell back to Trip. Under the weight of the Hagan Council’s demand to fulfill his duty, Trip settled down and produced an heir, but after years of struggling to uphold his family’s traditions, Trip found the courage to do what no other Hagan Alpha had done in the history of the clan: he came out.

Five years later, and Trip is living a happy life with his cheeky pup and their own little makeshift family. True mates within canine shifter clans are very rare, but Trip has had one since he can remember. Despite losing his heart to Boone twenty years ago, Trip holds little hope of ever getting to bond with the sexy Enforcer, as it’s against clan laws for pure-bloods to bond with half-breeds. With the call from their feral halves to seal the bond growing stronger by the day, can Trip and Boone find a way to be together without losing everything?

This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.


This is a lovely and hysterical and hot romance! Trip and Boone are mates, but can’t recognize that publicly due to archaic clan laws that could result in banishment or even death.

When the pressure gets too much, twenty years later, they finally give in to temptation and are given a wonderful surprise.

Charlie Cochet is great for giving us witty dialog and hot smexy times wrapped around interesting characters involved in intriguing drama.

5 of 5 hearts