The Enlightenment of Daniel (Sex in Seattle Book 2) Audiobook by Eli Easton Narrated by Tommy O’Brien

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Business tycoon Daniel Derenzo lives for his work until his dying father reminds him life is short. When Daniel starts to reevaluate his world, he experiences a startling revelation: He’s attracted to his business partner and best friend, Nick, even though Daniel always believed himself to be straight. In typical type-A fashion, Daniel dissects his newfound desires with the help of the experts at the Expanded Horizons sex clinic. He goes after Nick with the fierce determination that’s won him many a business deal.

Nick Ross was in love with Daniel years ago, when they were roommates in college. But Daniel was straight, and Nick patched his broken heart by marrying Marcia. Two kids and 14 years later, they go through the motions of their marriage like ships passing in the night. But Nick’s kids mean the world to him, and he’s afraid he’ll never get joint custody if they divorced. If he can trust his heart to an awakening Daniel, they all might find their way to a happily ever after.


Daniel and Nick have been friends and business partners for years.  One day – really from out of the blue – Daniel sees Nick as a potential lover.  Daniel has never had feelings for a man before so he goes to see our favorite sex therapist who helps him to understand his feelings better.  (This was one of the hottest and funniest scenes in the book!)

Once decided – after finding out his dad has a terminal disease – Daniel works hard to get Nick (who is still married to a woman) on board.

Nick’s wife, unfortunately, is not a nice woman and she has quite a bit of baggage.  Luckily Daniel knows a PI who can help us figure out just what makes her tick.

Eventually the truth comes out about Daniel and Nick and Marcia and Nick and though it was hard – everyone ends up deliriously happy in the end.


Of course this was wonderful!  Eli Easton is an amazing author!  I loved Daniel’s character so much.  He was both brash yet trepidatious and though Nick sometimes bugged the crap out of me – I loved them as a couple.


Tommy O’Brien did a nice job with the narration.  He didn’t do very much with the voices but let the story tell itself.

Overall a wonderful story and audiobook.

4.5 of 5 hearts




Liz Borino- Secrets of Nothing Tour with Excerpt & Giveaway

SONAfter several months overseas, Rhett and Kaden O’Neil fantasize about a return to their version of normalcy. However, the FBI mission shows no signs of completion and the men are forced to wait. 
Just when Rhett reaches the end of his patience, a single phone call shatters his world. His beloved grandfather’s plane disappeared. No tracking. No landing. No crash site.
Rhett now must unravel the lies in place to protect him so he can help his family. And not even the risk to his own life will stop him.

Pages or Words: 192 pages

Rhett shook his head. With a deep breath, he logged onto the employee portal and typed Pop’s flight number into the tracking system. Rhett blinked at the screen.
“What the fuck?” Kaden whispered, peering over his shoulder.
Without answering his husband – because he couldn’t – Rhett dialed Jasper. One ring. Two rings. Please answer.
“Hey, Rhett,” he answered after the third ring. “Isn’t it early there?”
“About six a.m. Annabelle called, though, and I told her I’d try to get some information to help her relax,” Rhett said.
Silence. “About your grandfather.” Statement, not a question.
“She call you, too?”
“No, I’m not the person she goes to for comfort,” he answered with an unfamiliar edge to his voice that Rhett didn’t have time to explore. “But I’m waiting for him, too.”
Right… “Would you run a track on Trixie for me, please?”
“Can’t you?”
“Yeah, but I’d appreciate you confirming what I found. I think there might be a glitch on my end.” I hope.
Jasper typed on the other end. “Um, can you confirm the plane number?”
Rhett swallowed hard and his heart raced. “Why?”
He blew out a breath and recited the plane’s registered number.
More typing. “And he left on Friday morning at four-thirty?”
“Yes, why? What are you seeing?”
An unmeasurable moment of silence preceded Jasper’s sharp inhale. “Nothing.”
“What the hell do you mean, ‘nothing’?”
“After Lou cleared him for takeoff we have nothing. No tracking. No communication.”
Nothing. The word cleared every other thought from Rhett’s head and sucked the moisture from his mouth. If he could count on one thing with his grandfather, it was his adherence to safety. To get nothing meant his navigation system was disabled, which meant…
“I’m sorry, man.” Jasper’s voice yanked him from his thoughts. “Want me to call the FAA or Annabelle?”
“Definitely not Annabelle. Yes, I’m going to be an asshole and wait until we have some answers before talking to her.”
“No arguments there,” Jasper said. “FAA?”
Rhett leaned on Kaden, who had appeared at his side somewhere around the time he lost all the air from his lungs. “Let me ask the FBI. If they don’t know anything, we’ll start a full investigation. Can you send me a screen shot of the flight?”
“Um,” Jasper started, “sure, but why would the FBI track flights? I know he used to run missions for them, but he can’t anymore.”
“He and Stuart are friends, and I have to exhaust all possibilities before involving the FAA.”
More silence. “You know best.”
No, I don’t, but we’ll pretend.
“Keep me updated.”
“Will do. Thanks, Jasper.”

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About the author:

Liz Borino transcribes the world inside her head onto the page, and shares it with the people who are stuck in the “real world” to makes their lives a little more interesting. Because in her world, heroes fall and stand up again with the help of their partners and friends. Liz’s world is littered with formidable obstacles, which her heroes overcome with a fire of courage and passion. The beauty of love between two men is celebrated. Who wouldn’t want to live there?
When not with her heroes, Liz enjoys exploring cities, working toward social justice, and editing for other authors. Liz published fifteen books since 2012. Visit to learn more!

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Publisher: Liz Borino
Cover Artist: Sean Hayden

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