Duck Duck Ghost Audiobook by Rhys Ford Narrated by Tristan James

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Paranormal investigator Wolf Kincaid knows what his foot tastes like.

Mostly because he stuck it firmly in his mouth when his lover, Tristan Pryce, accidentally drugged him with a batch of psychotropic baklava. Needing to patch things up between them, Wolf drags Tristan to San Luis Obispo, hoping Tristan’s medium ability can help evict a troublesome spirit haunting an old farmhouse.

With Wolf’s sister handling Hoxne Grange’s spectral visitors, Tristan finds himself in the unique position of being able to leave home for the first time in forever, but Wolf’s roughshod treatment is the least of his worries. Tristan’s ad-hoc portal for passing spirits seems to be getting fewer and fewer guests, and despite his concern he’s broken his home, Tristan agrees to help Wolf’s cousin, Sey, kick her poltergeist to the proverbial curb.

San Luis Obispo brings its own bushel of troubles. Tristan’s ghost whispering skill is challenged not only by a terrorizing haunting but also by Wolf’s skeptical older cousin, Cin. Bookended by a pair of aggressive Kincaids, Tristan soon finds himself in a spectral battle that threatens not only his sanity but also his relationship with Wolf, the first man he’s ever loved.


Wolf starts off with a bang and a new assistant in the swamps of Florida and instead of a ghost almost loses a limb to an alligator! We find out he as totally effed up things with Tristan and ran out on the guy after a bad episode of hallucinogenic honey consumption.

Tristan meanwhile is not happy because a) Wolf is acting like an ass and b) the ghosts seem to have left the Grange.

A little time passes, Wolf comes to his senses and returns to Tristan. The two call a truce because Wolf’s cousin Sey is in need of some ghost experts and they realize they aren’t quite through with each other.

Sey operates a toy repair service and it seems as though one of the toys has come with its own poltergeist. Tristan and Wolf, then later cousin Cin, must rid Sey’s ranch of the ghost of a horrifying little girl before the entire place (literally) goes up in flames.

Ok. Rhys, I admit it. I was pissed at first. How could you cause trouble between Tristan and Wolf when they had just found each other?!

(Whining over) They quickly get back together and manage to work through some pretty important emotional stuff. In fact Tristan ends up really coming up to bat for Wolf against Cin, who holds Wolf in contempt for “abandoning” the Hellsinger family traditions. That was pretty awesome. Their make-up sex is also super amazing, so I pretty much forgave Rhys for everything and she continues to be my hero.

Besides the love story, (which, as previously mentioned, rocks!) the ghost story in this book was way scarier than in the first. Maybe it’s the scary kid ghost, (I kept getting flashes of Chuckie, IT, and Poltergeist) but those porcelain doll heads are plain creepy all on their own. Now imagine them haunted. Yeah. Creepy as hell. Thanks for the nightmares Rhys!

I loved Ray and Petal, though. They reminded me of Beetlejuice’s football team ghosts. Nice, funny, kinda clueless. They were great assets to the story.

I thought Cin was a douche-bag, but he was kinda supposed to be, and I’m hoping we’ll see more of him, more evolved, hopefully in love with someone…

It was nice to meet Ophelia Sunday and to learn more about Wolf’s history and I really liked where the couple ended the story even though it looks like Rhys is going to put them in hot water… again!

I just love this ghost series by Rhys Ford and am excited to see where their adventure takes us, even though it might just give me more nightmares!


Tristan James, one of my all time favorite narrators, does another great job with this. His Wolf Kincaid voice is growly and delightful and Tris is just a shade light to give him a more delicate air. I love the family and Mara and all the secondary characters.  I like listening to this even more than reading it.


“You PEED on my foot!”  – classic!


5 of 5 hearts






I give it 5 of 5 hearts, I highly recommend it!