Why Cover Art Matters by Bronwyn Heeley

 Hello everyone I’m Bronwyn and I am here today to tell you a little about myself, my art and a promo deal (giveaway) I’m doing through to the end of September


I got into cover art because, well, I needed a cover and I had no money. For me, at the time, it was more to have something to have on book I was putting out for free but quickly turned into something I enjoyed and found I was good at.


Now, I am of the mind that any cover works, but that isn’t really true. The facts are books are bought by three qualities:


  1. Author name
  1. Cover art
  1. Blurb


Now most of us aren’t lucky enough to have the first one apply to use. Yes, fingers crossed we’ll get to a point where we can sell a book just on name alone, but until then we have to work double hard at making sure people see us and in order for that to happen we must put out something to catch the eye. And this is when cover art comes into view, because, and I’m not joking, or playing, but when you stumble across a new author the first thing you see is the art. The art gets you to click on the link where you will find out more about the book. But even if there’s a bit of a hesitation you are more likely to buy the book that holds eye appeal over the one that doesn’t.


And yes I did say that we judge a book by its cover. It’s true, there isn’t anything we can do about it but make sure what we are presenting our book as is covered in a very pretty wrapping. And you don’t have to take my word for it, just go to Amazon and check out their top listing there are so very pretty cover art littering that list.

HEE0024-Farm Boys

One of the things you need to make sure of, either when buying cover art from someone else, or making it yourself is that you need to make sure you/they get the stock photos from a reputable stock image site, this means that they have the licence to sell the art to you as well as you being able to sell it to others. There are multiple sites out there from expensive to cheaper ones, though each site has the rights to take back their image. Now, you as a customer have the rights to ask your artist where they got their stock art from and if they are legally allowed to own it (they do not have to show you this information, however if you are hesitant enough to ask, then maybe you should think about that before spending your money). They should show you a receipt if the question is asked as you are just as liable for using the art as they are for them selling it to you.


I use stock sites because they are generally cheaper then buying art from exclusive photographers. The only down side to not getting it through a photographer is that you aren’t the only ones who can use that image, and they are allowed to use it just as you have. Which means there are a lot of covers out there with the same face on it. It’s just something you have to deal with (and I say this after a few authors or artist bitch about the image being used the same way, though not really).


Exclusive photographer or exclusive site are generally more expensive, but it comes with perks that you will be the only one that uses said photo. They aren’t stock photos. They are copyright for you to use only on your art, and come with the same type of terms and conditions as stock sites, mainly that you can’t then sell that photo to make money. Wait, that didn’t come out clearly. I mean to say you can’t take the negative or original art and sell it for more money, you can however make the art, and sell that or sell the book.  But you will be the only one that holds that cover art. That image.


At the end of the day though art sells your books, it’s not really a hard thing to understand, the better looking it is the faster your book will sell (okay, not that simple, but it does help). And I hope you’ll look to my art for your next book.


I do cover art under BonyDee Design, which is attached to my self-published press. At the moment I am putting up a promo where if you buy any one of my packages you will go in the running to win a free package from me. The comp is running from now to the end of September. Please feel free to browse, to contact me via facebook or email, I will be happy to chat about what you are looking for and if it’s something I have or could in the future.


Website: http://beeheeley.wix.com/bonydeemarketing

Email, please add “Design” in the subject line: beeheeley[@]gmail.com / bonydeemdp[@]gmail.com

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Thank you for your time. I do hope to hear from you


Bronwyn Heeley

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