Vampire Wishes by Teegan Loy

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Griffin McKellan has a secret . . . actually, more than one.

He wants to take a class at the local university, but he’s got more than studying on his mind. Griffin’s enamored with the professor, Jackson Grady. He’s spent months spying on the guy, but now he has to meet him face to face.

And even though Griffin wants nothing more than to teach the professor a thing or two, there’s a huge problem standing in his way.

Vampires don’t usually date their food source.


Grif is a youngish vampire, recently allowed to be on his own. He falls in lust/love with Jackson one night while out hunting.
He discovers that Jackson is a professor at the local university and convinces his sire that he can handle being around humans long enough to take his writing class.
Jackson is attracted to Grif, but is hiding something. He pushes Grif away despite their mutual chemistry.
Grif finds out what Jackson is hiding and offers to solve his problems by converting him, now Jackson has to decide what the next step will be.

I thought the character development was nice, the basic story line interesting and overall it was an entertaining short story.
There was way too much time spent waffling about between Grif and his friend Kieran and not nearly enough developed between Grif and Jackson.  I didn’t get the sense that they were a good couple as we barely got to know much about Jackson at all.

The overall effect was a fairly shallow, and unsatisfying experience.

2.75 of 5 hearts



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