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In this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, we find out the fate of Rebel Marino, who in the last book was in a terrible accident, left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fiancé. 
This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we have grown to love is a testament to hope, faith and endearing strength that they have found in each other and the friendship that holds them all together as they face maybe the hardest trials yet. Each of them come up against past demons and future fears as one of their own must stand against sickness and pain. 
Rebel, Jack, Lonnie, Travis, Binx, Nathan, Pappy, Sidney, Brandon, Joey, Andy and Lin as well as the people of the town of Apishipa Creek and the leather club Manacle band together to save a new love that none of them saw coming as well as fight the evil of the young men who left Rebel to die. 
Come once more to the town tucked in the mountains of Colorado and fall in love again… 

Warning: This book contains BDSM and scenes of consensual sex between two or more men


Lin set the phone down and slid his eyes over to Andy and Joey, who were sitting together on the bed reading a gay romance novel and laughing like kids. Andy was positively blushing and Joey was sporting wood, but still giggling like a girl. They were beautiful, they were special and they were his. He’d never felt so lucky before in his life and he’d had a very blessed life. Now he would have to hurt them with this news. Neither was terribly close to Rebel. They were only beginning to get to know the other subs besides Sid and Lonnie, but they were friends nonetheless and perhaps more importantly, they were other subs. That made him one of them and when one of their own was hurt or in any sort of pain, it seemed to affect them all.
Joey looked up at Lin and immediately lost his smile. Smart Joey, he could read people well, but his sweet Andy was still grinning and said, “Daddy Lin, this is absurd and so sexy! You must read with us, yes?”
“Maybe later, baby. Come here to me, both of you.”
They slid off of the bed and walked over to him, Andy sensing his tone and sobering from his laughter. Joey took Andy’s hand and then took him from behind, holding him as he told Lin, “Tell us, Daddy Lin. Please, Sir.”
“Boys…There’s some bad news about Rebel.”
Joey tightened his grip on Andy. “His leg, Sir?”
“Yeah, Joe. The doctors told them a little while ago. Rebel’s not taking it well, of course. If either of you pray, this may be the time.”
“Raised Catholic, Daddy, I haven’t prayed in a long time, except to get you and Andy. I’ll go light a candle.”
Andy turned his head to Joey and asked, “Can we go with you?”
Lin answered, “Yeah, let’s leave this unpacking and head to St. Martin. We’ll swing by the hospital and then go to one of the churches there. Pappy might not be back yet.”
“They probably have a chapel,” Joey offered, and Lin nodded while he took them both into his arms.
They were surrounded by boxes, bags, and there was newspaper everywhere, but it was already home. They’d decided to take down some of Candace Perry’s colorful decorations to make the place their own, but the one wall would always hold the collage of rock and roll posters most of the men thought were signs from the great beyond that each of the couples who’d lived one time or another in that house were meant to be.
As they walked through the dining room, Lin’s eyes sought and found the one poster that started it all. Rebel Yell. Rebel…the nephew of the former, late owner. The one who’d come to Apishipa Creek to sell a house and move on as fast as he could before he’d met Jack Colton and had fallen in love. Where the story begins, Lin thought, is sometimes how it ends. Coming full circle.
Suddenly, as they all headed to Lin’s F150, he grew worried. If for some reason this drove a wedge between Rebel and Jack, if they parted ways for good, would that mean the rest of the relationships made there would be doomed as well?
It was superstitious nonsense, of course. Lin hadn’t believed there were any signs from the spirits or planned destiny for love lives. Still, that nagging worry carried him all the way to the hospital.

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Hi I’m Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I’ve written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!

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