Technically Dating Audiobook by Jenna Wade narrated by John-Paul Barrel

Dreamspinner presents:


Meek and mild Bruce Collins decides to set aside his life in technical support for the evening and try a wild night on the town. Self-described nerd Bruce meets suave Westley Taylor at a club, but the night doesn’t go as planned. When they run into each other the next day, Bruce is determined to get the details right and finish what they started. Westley is impressed and invites Bruce on date after date. Bruce figures they’re technically dating and might even be in a relationship, until he accidentally overhears a phone message intended for Westley. Every aspect of their time together comes into question. Now, it’s time for Westley to set the facts straight.


Bruce meets Westley on the dance floor one night while on a business trip. Because he’s naturally very shy, Bruce puts on a persona that allows himself to be “free” and allows him to hook up with Westley (whom he thinks is out of his league) where normally he’d be too reticent.

Though the hook-up was fantastic, he gets called away before numbers can be exchanged and both he and Westley are saddened by this. Luckily they end up meeting again at Westley’s job.

What comes next is a rocky friends-with-benefits-relationship that morphs into something more. But – since neither guy is really great at communication, things go horribly wrong and almost end tragically.

Have no fear, they work out their differences and we get a solid HEA.
I loved 85% of this book.

I really enjoyed both MCs and the smexy times were hot. Westley’s ability to draw Bruce out of his shell was sweet and I thought it was going to be a pretty straight-forward type “oh, we LOVE each other” type ending. Instead, there is a terrible misunderstanding that didn’t really make a lot of sense and it kind of bummed me out.

Bruce reacts really poorly to something that should have been obvious and would have been easily cleared up with a simple conversation, but instead almost rips them apart. It didn’t fit with the rest of the story and their relationship and sort of came from left field.

If you ignore that part and just enjoy the rest of the story, it’s worth the read/listen.

This is the first narration for me by John-Paul Barrel. He did a nice job, nothing really remarkable but he let the story tell itself without distraction.

Overall 3.5 of 5 hearts