Stalking the Hygienist by Jackie Nacht

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stalking hygienistBlurb

This lion shifter will go to any length to get his deer shifting hygienist, including going to the dentist. Bring on the nitrous oxide!

Beauregard made a mistake… a horrible mistake. Now embarrassed,he focuses on what he loves most, working as a hygienist at Paranormal Dentistry for the Fanged and Friendly.

As soon as Sergei saw Beauregard coming up to his meat counter, he fell hard for the deer shifter. The only problem is Beauregard is running from him. Being the lion shifter he is, Sergei decides to take matters into his own hand and goes hunting. However, Sergei never imagined he would have to face his worst fear and choke down a salad.What’s it going to take to make Beauregard his?


Sergei is a lone lion who sees his potential mate in the deer-shifter Beauregard. Sergei won’t take no for an answer and “stalks” Beau until he agrees to a date. From there on it’s pretty much hot then hotter between the two and true love triumphs again.

This is a very cute shifter story with true love and hot sex. A great addition to the series!

4 of 5 hearts