Shifter Tales by Anya Byrne

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mate cursedBlurb

Phelan is a wolf shifter and a prince of his kin. All of his life, he’s been taught to believe in the superiority of his people. But when the shifters’ dismissive cruelty toward humans draws the eye of a mysterious witch, it is Phelan who becomes the target.

Now cursed, Phelan is forever bound to his animal form, while being the only one of his people to maintain his sense of self. The only way to break the enchantment is to find a human to love him. But who could have that kind of affection for a wretched, broken beast?

It seems like a lost cause, until one terrible winter, he meets beautiful and kind Elian. Elian brings warmth once more in Phelan’s heart. His gentle fingers tend to Phelan’s wounds, and his soft voice soothes Phelan’s soul. Phelan soon realizes Elian is his mate. But can this love surpass all the obstacles in its path, or will it be cursed like the rest of Phelan’s kin?


Shay has an uneventful existence. He delivers his mother’s baked goods to shifter families and tells stories to his brother in his free time. Everything changes one day when, taken by surprise by a mysterious storm, Shay finds refuge in the home of a peculiar shifter lord. He does not expect for the shifter in question—Conor—to make unprecedented emotions swell inside him.

Spurned by his own family, Conor knows he should keep his distance from his beautiful, red-hooded guest. But from the moment Shay steps onto the grounds of his mansion, Conor is drawn to him like a moth to the flame. He tells himself it is all only temporary and tries to stay away, even if Shay’s smile and his trust make him feel for the first time more than the beast he knows himself to be.

What happens when the two men are unexpectedly trapped together? Will the help of an unlikely ally be enough to give this particular tale a happily ever after?


In Mate of The Cursed Wolf Prince (sort of a version of Beauty and the Beast) Phelan and his family scorn humanity and are cursed. Phelan must live out his days only in wolf form and watch the world he knows crumble to dust. He manages to meet and fall in love with Elian even in wolf form and they manage to somehow reverse the curse and find their own happy ending.

In Storyteller for a Sorrowful Beast (sort of Little Red Riding Hood) Shay stumbles upon a mansion in a storm and is rescued by Conor. Shay is summarily cursed to stay with Conor and tell 1001 stories before the storm will let up and he can return to his family. There is some other drama and deceit but both Shay and Conor prove their love and their willingness to sacrifice and reverse the curse and find their happy endings.


In both these an old fairy tale is changed and given a different, gay, paranormal slant (they link to each other but are stand alones). The writing is excellent and though the romance moves along quickly (like every great shifter story has a tendency to do) it is still sentimental and sweet. The unique look at these fair tales is very entertaining and I recommend this series to fans of shifters and the paranormal.

4.5 of 5 hearts