Recipe for Magic by Agatha Bird

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recipe magicBlurb

Connor Roth is a fire mage who’s going places. He’s powerful, popular, and he has a plan. But his plan for fame and glory is disrupted when the Oracle sticks him with Landyn Glendower for Senior Trial. This is an act unprecedented in their school’s history. Landyn is a water mage, and everyone knows mages with opposing elements can’t work magic together.

Connor is left with a choice: work alone and fail or swallow his pride and work with Landyn to find a way to combine their magic in a display the Archmages will never forget—if they don’t get kicked out of school in the process.


So, I’m sure I won’t be the only one to see a little Harry Potter in this story…

Connor is the “hot shot” son of a famous sorcerer who has to prove to the school his prowess in a grand tournament at the end of the year. He is paired with Landyn, someone with opposing magic skills, a loner, and a dark horse.
At first both Connor and Landyn are miserable with the pairing (for differing reasons) and are certain they will fail. Connor’s fair weather friends abandon him and Connor’s hubris rubs Landyn wrong over and over. When Connor finally breaks down and admit he needs Landyn’s help, the tides begin to turn. And… over time the boys learn that opposite magic might just be the perfect “recipe” for winning and the old adage about attraction… yeah that’s true too.


This is a short story and YA so not my favorite things right off the bat. But… it’s about magic and young love and a possible GFY so…totally redeemed!

It was wonderful! The set up for Connor to look like a jerk then turn around and be a sweetheart was perfect. Landyn was snarky and bittersweet the entire time. The enemies-to-“lovers” was very well played and there was just enough sexual tension to keep the pages smoldering.

I really enjoyed the world Agatha Bird created and hope we see more of it. I would especially love to see a longer, more fully played out story where our boys are over eighteen… if you catch my drift 😉

4.5 of 5 hearts