R. Phoenix Guest Post: Retribution Part 3

Today we’re happy to be hosting author R. Phoenix:

This post is the conclusion, Part III, of a three-part short story set in the Ripples in the Status Quo universe about Elias Ivers, a sadistic witch who plays a large role in most of the series. This takes place pre-Takeover, when witches are still in hiding.

Part I was posted at Love Bytes Same Sex Book Reviews (http://lovebytesreviews.com/) on 7/5/16.

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Part III concludes at The Kimi-Chan Experience  today, 7/7/16.

Thank you again to these blogs for agreeing to coordinate on this, and I hope you’ve enjoyed!
-R. Phoenix

Retribution. Part III.

“It’s for your own good.”

The words fell like so many stones from his mother’s lips–no, not stones. They were boulders, mountains that crushed him and left his spirit even more broken than it had been. Even his tormentors hadn’t been able to hurt him this badly. Elias stared at her in disbelief, unable to understand why what he’d done had been such a risk. He had used magic to defend himself!

“No. No, Mother, please. I won’t… I won’t use my magic on anyone ever again.” He barely recognized the sound of his own voice; it was something high-pitched and desperate, and he couldn’t remember ever having begged before. He hadn’t begged the boys at school, but he was begging then. “Please!”

His parents stared at him, and his father’s disgust was very nearly a fourth presence in the room. “Do you think this is only about the magic, Elias?” He could have chopped firewood with the edge in his father’s voice; it fell as hard as any axe upon him and left him breathless. “One of those boys died. The other two are in critical condition.”

“And I didn’t do that with magic!” he protested, realizing too late that that…wasn’t really the problem in his parents’ eyes. “They’ve been bullying me all year. They were hurting me. Hurting other people,” he added lamely, knowing full and well he didn’t care what they had done to others.

His mother shook her head, every bit the proper Enforcer as she narrowed cold eyes upon her younger son. “I don’t know where we went wrong with you, Elias. They were just children playing games. They didn’t hurt you that much,” she stated, her lip curving into a sneer. “But you? People are asking questions. I’m handling it, but it’s not without a price. I’m having to make a deal with a leech.”

Elias always had liked vampires more than witches, but his parents had never seen them as anything more than fangers. He should have gone to them instead. “Please don’t take my magic,” he said again, his voice even softer despite his desperation. “Please give me another chance.”

“You should’ve thought of the consequences before you acted,” his father stated.

He couldn’t stand the look in his father’s eyes, couldn’t stand his mother’s judgment, and he looked away.

His mother’s voice filled his ears, every word worse than the last. “The Zajacs have already decided. We will carry out their sentence.”

Hatred surged within him at the mention of the oldest family, the family that had produced one dictator after another. They would pay for this, too. Maybe not today, but some day…

“Come here.”

The finality in his mother’s words threatened to suffocate him, and yet he went to her regardless. He didn’t meet her eyes, because he didn’t want her to see the the disgust in hers or the burning hatred in his own. Yet he spoke despite himself, his voice distant, “they may pat your head and tell you that you’re a good girl, but it doesn’t make you any less of a bitch.”


When consciousness returned to him, his magic was gone.

He could feel it, somewhere against his awareness, but he couldn’t reach it. It was like having an itch he couldn’t scratch, like feeling thousands of ants crawling up his arm and not being able to do anything about it. It burned like fire in his lungs, leaving him feeling like he was gasping for air without being able to draw in a single breath.

The only person who could help him was his brother–his brother, who he loved so dearly he couldn’t put words to it. But Julian had left as soon as he could, sneering at their parents with all of the derision he could muster. There had been one tender look at Elias, but he’d heard nothing from his brother.

In some ways, that hurt more than this, and he didn’t even know how to get in touch with Julian. He didn’t know of anyone else who would defy the Zajac family’s degree.

Tears welled up in his eyes, but he wouldn’t cry. He wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

He wouldn’t ever let anyone see him cry.

He wouldn’t ever let anyone see into him at all.


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About the Series

“You say this is a harsh world, a cruel world; you say this is hell.

This is nothing less than what you deserve.

For centuries, for millennia, we abided by your rules. We created gods for you to worship to explain away what you could not comprehend. When you began to suspect, we convinced you that we were myths, legends, and superstitions. We captured your imaginations with beautiful nightmares; enraptured, you begged for more.

And all the while, we hid in the shadows, cringing away from the light as though we held no power even as we shaped your world. We allowed you to live untouched because the loudest amongst us were cowards and fools who believed you were so much more than what you are.

Weak. Ignorant. Oblivious.


Already, you have lost your will to fight. Your comrades have fallen. Fewer and fewer dare to act against us, for you know you cannot win. The eternal truth is that history is written by the victors. In time, your kind will forget that you were ever anything more than beasts of burden, toys, breeding stock, food sources. You are what we wish you to be.

You question the status quo, the rules of our society. You will learn that there truly are fates worse than death, and you will experience them for as long as it amuses us.

You will know fear and pain, loss and devastation. Your eyes, so defiant now, will fill with tears and despair. You will beg for mercy, and your pleas will fall on ears that crave your agony. Your screams will echo throughout Tartarus and entertain the masses.

And we will revel in it.”

The Ripples in the Status Quo works are set within a world where supernatural beings seized control from humans and relegated them to the bottom of the food chain. Used for food, entertainment, and worse, nothing protects them from the hands of those who claim them as slaves. But not everyone adheres to the status quo the world at large has accepted…

Please note that the RISQ world has little place for humanity, and as a result, content in these works may be offensive and/or triggering to some readers.


The Ripples in the Status Quo Books are:

1. Bought. [Dark Erotica.*]
Collision. [Book 1-3 Compilation.]
2. Ravel. [Romance.]
3. Recoil. [Dark Erotic Romance.]
4. Owned. [Dark Erotica.*]
5. Temper. [Dark Erotica.*]

*(This dark erotica work caters to those who cheer on the villains as they pursue their goals…no matter what it takes to get there. This includes Very Bad Things as well as Very Sexy Things. Those with sensibilities will likely be offended and want to attack the author with flaming pitchforks. If this applies to you, save an author. Step away from the button.

Lightheartedness aside, this is dark erotica, and it does contain elements of depravity and cruelty that will be offensive to some readers. Please proceed with caution or skip this read.)


About the Book

Title: Temper: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story [Book 5]
Author: R. Phoenix
Cover Artist: Brandyjo Newton
Length: Novel. ~40k words without front/back matter. (41,929 words with front/back matter.)
Publisher: Self-Published (Phoenix Publications)
Genre: M/M Paranormal Dark Erotica
Warning: Non-consensual
Price: $2.99. Temper is also available on Kindle Unlimited.
Blurb: Only love can set off the ripples that could change this depraved world for the better.

Only one thing can keep Ashton safe from the supernatural predators who made the world into their depraved, twisted playground after the Takeover—but it’s the one thing that would steal the last remnants of his freedom. At every turn, society confronts Reese and Ashton with the way humans are treated as mere playthings to be used and discarded. When they realize their own desires and pride have no place in the status quo, Ashton and his werewolf lover understand they’ll have to engage in the deadly games played by those in charge if they want to make a difference.

But Reese isn’t a diplomat, and Ash is only human. Together, they must decide if they’re willing to work with the devil they know in what might change everything or rely on their consciences in a world that has no place for kindness or honor… and if they’re ready to sacrifice everything along the way.


Buy Link: http://amzn.to/28R4YJH [Also available on Kindle Unlimited]
About the Author

R. Phoenix has an unhealthy fascination with contrasts: light and dark, heroes and villains, order and chaos. She believes that love can corrupt and power can redeem. Her muse is a sadomasochistic slave driver who thinks it’s terribly amusing to give her the best ideas when she just got comfortable and warm in bed, and she passes on that torture to her readers.

If she had it her way, she would describe the books in her “Ripples in the Status Quo” world as: “Supernatural creatures take over the world and turn humans into pets and food. There’s some sex between guys. And… um… effed up things happen.” It’s probably a good thing she has people around her to remind her that she actually wants people to read her books. (They should really be more diligent, especially when they know she’s writing her author bio.)

She’s an author, stay-at-home mother, housewife, second time college student, and duck herder extraordinaire. She’s learning how to cook without burning the house down, her garden is somehow neither drowning nor drying up, and one day she might remember what that mythical thing called “free time” is. She’s starting to wonder who thought it was a good idea to write bios in third person.

She also tries entirely too hard to be funny, and she mercilessly inflicts her terrible sense of humor upon anyone who speaks to her. Really, it’s not you. It’s her. All the same, she’d love it if you’d say hello, because it makes her day to hear that someone read something she wrote. If they enjoyed it, there’s usually an awkward happy dance and embarrassing sounds of joy to accompany it (no, not that kind of sound, you perv). If all of that hasn’t scared you away, please visit her website at http://rphoenix.theupsideis.com/.

Social Media

Website: http://rphoenix.theupsideis.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/raissaphoenix
Facebook Profile: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010806072760
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RaissaPhoenix
Tumblr: http://raissaphoenix.tumblr.com/
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14741537.R_Phoenix


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