Quiddity Flight-A.J. Llewellyn

Publisher:  Amber Quill Press, LLC/Amber Allure (LGBT)

Retired LAPD detective Quiddity Flight yearns for action, adventure, and good old-fashioned romance. He’s about to get it all…and it might just be the death of him. Just as Quiddity accepts an insurance-fraud case, looking into the lifestyle and allegedly fake injury of multi-millionaire soccer player João del Sol, he finds that del Sol is deeply attracted to him.

But Quiddity has bigger problems on his hands. Del Sol is the best thing that’s come his way in a very long time, yet somebody apparently has it in for the sexy-but-slightly-grizzled, silver-fox cop. Missing posters start popping up around town offering a reward for information on his disappearance. Except he hasn’t disappeared. Then, new posters begin offering higher rewards for information about his murder. Except Quiddity Flight is still very much alive, and he’s not gonna sit around waiting to read his own obituary…

I really like reading this author’s work. Her quirky titles and characters never fail to capture my attention. What I particularly like about this book and this character was the fact that he was a more mature man, a silver fox, if you will. It’s refreshing to read about a sexy, mature man in his 50s. Many would look at this age and dismiss them as being old men, but that is further from the truth. Men in their 50s and beyond are rather sexy. The characters in this book were really fleshed out and well written, the pace just right. I truly enjoy her writing style. She didn’t drag out the mystery or tease you with the romance and sex. This book is short, but Llewellyn manages to pack quite a bit of substance in this book. I would absolutely love to stop in and see how João and Quid are doing, maybe see them featured in another one of Llewellyn’s wonderful stories.



Amber Allure