Pride and Modern Prejudice Audiobook by AJ Michaels Narrated by Rusty Topsfield

Dreamspinner Presents


What happens when Jane Austen’s immortal characters are thrust into 21st century Pennsylvania, with an all-male twist?

Liam Bennet has always been a good judge of character, but when William Darcy is thrown into his social circle, everything spins out of control. Darcy is proud, cold, arrogant—and strangely captivating. When Liam’s brother and Darcy’s business partner start seeing each other, Liam cannot avoid this enigmatic businessman. But does he want to?

As Liam struggles to find his identity in college and acknowledge his feelings, he must deal with the fortunes of his four brothers, his gossiping mother, and the possibility of a large inheritance that could save his family from financial ruin. Emotions come to a boil when George Wickham, a world-weary musician, stumbles into town and ignites a feud with Darcy. He threatens to expose a long-hidden past, and Liam must decide for himself who William Darcy really is and what he really wants.


I was skeptical of this when I saw the original ebook listing but it got good reviews so when given the opportunity to take a listen to the audiobook I thought I’d give it a try.  In general, re-makes are not my thing and though I loved Pride and Prejudice the blurb felt too close to a direct translation for my comfort.

So I gave it a try, but in the end I found I wasn’t interested enough to keep going.  I was just overwhelmed by the dry, stilted manner in which the story proceeds. It worked for Jane Austen – in 1813, but it didn’t work for me in modern times.  It felt too “busy” and not “juicy” enough if that makes any sense at all.

I won’t rate it because I didn’t finish it.

Rusty Topsfield was a fine narrator. He tried to give voices to the different characters but didn’t do enough to make me stay with the story, definitely not his fault.