This is Not a Love Story: A Hacker and his Hero by AE Lawless

Loose Id presents:


Ever since Gran’s death, Zander’s been using his skills as an elite computer hacker to help put criminals behind bars. Surprisingly enough, there’s also another vigilante running around his city helping folks out in the more traditional way. The press likes to pretend they’re rivals, but Zander likes to think that he and the Night Angel are working together; they want the same things at least.

When a tough case forces the two vigilantes to actually work together, Zander’s insistent fascination with the Night Angel becomes powerful attraction. It wouldn’t be a problem, except Zander’s also fooling around with his boss at the day job, Reese. They both give him something the other can’t, but both of them are also holding something he needs back from him. Zander knows he has to choose, but he just doesn’t see any way to make a good choice.

A break in the case reveals not only the master plot, but more about Zander’s true nature than he ever expected to learn. Afterwards, Zander is seeing the world in a new light and realizes he may not have to sacrifice anything he needs; he may not have to make a choice after all


I don’t want to give a re-cap of the story because it’s a “mystery” and any summing up could give away key elements.

In deciding if this is the book for you, you should consider the following:
Do you mind on – page violence/torture?
Do you need lovey dovey emotional scenes and “I love yous”?
Do you mind long-winded tales, with perhaps a bit too much writing and not enough editing?
Do you want a romance that is more about the relationship than the mystery?

If you answered yes to the above, this is not the book for you.

On the other hand:
Do you like complicated, dark characters?
Do you like intelligent writing and complex plotting?
Do you like twists and turns and a romance that relies heavily on the “mystery”?
Do you like longer stories?
Do you like flawed MCs?
Do you like rough, hot sex?

If so this is the story for you.

As for me – it was ok. There were parts I liked (the alpha characters, the sex scenes, the intelligence of the characters, their flaws). There were parts I didn’t (the length – I felt an editor would be a great thing here), the “mystery” didn’t compel me, the violence wasn’t my taste and there weren’t enough emotions between the MCs for my taste, either.

These are preferences, however.

So, to rate it:
Writing/Editing 3.5/5
Romance 2.5/5
Storyline 4/5
World Buidling/Characterization 5/5

I will definitely look for more from this author in the future.

Overall 3.75 of 5 hearts