Night School Vampire by AJ Llewellyn and DJ Manly

Amberquill Presents

night school vampireBlurb

It’s tough being a vampire. For one thing, there’s so much time on your hands. And for another, being undead for centuries means that you meet way too many stupid people…

Socrates Delis, since he has to be awake at night, wonders why he shouldn’t make better use of his time. So to ease his loneliness and hopefully meet a more educated group of people, he enrolls in night school at UCLA’s extension courses and quickly finds that poetry isn’t the only thing on the agenda. Somebody is killing off young gay men around town, and students are nervous. And by the way, didn’t Socrates swear off love? So why’s he finding himself attracted to his hot, human teacher?

Devin Gold loves his work. The great poets are his favorites to share with his English lit students, and while teaching, his life often seems just about perfect. But holy heck, his crazy Uncle Vince just blew into town and has even invaded Devin’s night classes, disrupting his life. Uncle Vince and Devin’s mom think they’re vampire hunters. Devin knows there’s no such thing, and has lived with the shame of their insanity all his life. Now his uncle swears that LA, even night school, is swarming with fangers.

How can Devin keep his sudden attraction to his handsome new student, Socrates, a secret? He’s not sure, but he has to try, especially since his obsessive uncle will undoubtedly insist that Socrates is a vampire. It’s tough being a sane human in La La Land…


Socrates is an old vampire living in LA. He wants to be as “mortal” as possible and has always enjoyed writing, so he decides to spend some of his time at night school learning how to be a better writer.

There he meets the delicious teacher, Devin, but also runs into the crazy Ivan – a vampire hunter out for his and his friend’s heads.

Turns out there is more to Devin than just a dreamy teacher, he has connections with Ivan and Devin that could make a lot of trouble for Socrates. But that doesn’t stop the pair from connecting…


This really wasn’t my cup of tea. I thought I’d like it at first – Socrates is a great character – funny, clueless, sincere, sexy… but Devin is too wishy-washy and I really felt uncomfortable with the sort of love triangle that gets formed between Devin, Socrates and the mutal “ex” Lucky.

I enjoyed the dark humor but found the romance lacking and the ending… not really a HEA, maybe a HFN…

Anyhow, I give it 2.5 of 5 hearts for the character building.