Where Least Expected by DC Williams

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where leastBlurb

Blake has absolutely nothing in common with his ex’s annoying hippie roommate. So why are they hanging out together?

Blake is totally not still hung up on Jeff, his hot ex-boyfriend. And he’s so not sleeping with Bob, Jeff’s annoying hippie roommate. Except he is. And even though they have absolutely nothing in common, Bob might just show Blake that there’s more to their relationship than just sex. If Blake can share some of his secrets and let his guard down just a little bit.


Blake just got dumped by his ex – for a straight guy! Bob is Blake’s ex-boyfriend’s roommate. He’s straight, a hippy, and has the worst fashion sense Blake has ever seen, but… he’s there when Blake is feeling horny and lonely and it’s his birthday and since Bob is showing some “curiosity” about being gay… Blake decides to take Bob home and show him just why gay sex is the best sex there is.

Bob is a laid back hippy raised by two moms with dread locks and a penchant for wearing sarongs and t-shirts. He finds Blake fascinating and beautiful and when Blake agrees to fool around with him he finds that he really likes gay sex… in fact… he thinks he might even be gay!

As the semester goes on, Blake and Bob find that their “one night stand” is becoming a regular thing and they are spending more and more time together – even time together not naked. When it looks like they might even be starting something “real”, Blake subconsciously sabotages things between them.

Fortunately Bob is amazing and patient (so are his moms!) and after some time and some real communication it looks like our boys will get their happily ever after.


I have to admit the cover threw me – I was kind of expecting Blake to be an emotional, whiny, twink. And he sort of is – but he’s mostly a snarky, sad, funny, sweet, jaded, old soul who has had a rough start and not enough love in his life.


I LOVE BOB. I love him! He is such a real character! I can totally imagine a guy like him at a small, liberal arts school in the north-east or even the mid-west. I love his two moms and his house in the country. What I really appreciated about his exploration into being gay was how open he was and yet how appropriately trepidatious he was about committing to the idea of actually being gay.

I found the slow, easy, gentle way the two began their relationship to be fascinating, real, and so touching. It was almost like their love just snuck up on them. I was sad the story ended where it did, because I would have loved to see more of them as an established couple, but that’s how you should feel when you’ve met a great fictional couple.

Blake’s history was so well played out – the subtle hints leading to the reveal about his childhood boyfriend was great.

I also really loved that Blake never asked Bob to cut his hair – they both just accepted one another for who they were – even though they didn’t like it. It felt so real to me.

I haven’t read anything by this author before, but I will definitely be looking into future and past works. I really enjoyed this and highly recommend it.

4.5 of 5 hearts