Guest Post by Tidal Boyce, Author of Tarot Tales

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I make my home in central Wisconsin with my husband of two years and two dogs. We have been together nearly 15 years, and the day it became legal to do so in Wisconsin we were married. My husband is my biggest supporter, always telling me, “Your book will not write itself.”
I have many interests. I love the Tarot, and practice Pagan spirituality. I am an avid reader and after taking the risk of writing several articles I decided to write my first novel. Writers have always been my favorite species of people… they have this fascinating ability to see the world through the eyes of all their characters and have found a refuge which offers a place where all the voices in their head can come out and play. That was when I felt that little click in my head and I knew this was going to be the next chapter in my life.
I like to write in several genres, m/m romance, cozy mysteries, and supernatural horror. Mainly I like to tell the stories about people that do not always fit in or represent the perfect idea of beauty, masculinity, or what’s considered attractive. I love imperfect people with rough edges and who dare to color outside of the lines.
My focus in life is on building bridges of love and understanding to each other, rather than building walls.
When I finished writing “Tarot Tales Presents DIAMOND DUST BLUES,” I quickly realized this lively ensemble of beautiful characters had more stories they demanded to tell… and I realized that it was meant to be a series.
“Tarot Tales Presents DIAMOND DUST BLUES” begins with aspiring actress, Ruby Perkins and her transgender Aunt Jenna, and tells the tale of how they enter in the Witness Protection Program under the care of two U.S. Marshals. They have to go off the grid to stay alive while being chased by ruthless diamond smugglers. They meet Bessie Mae Turner, who has a very talkative Spirit Guide name Charmaine. Along the way there is humor, action, explosions, love, and what I hope is a good, entertaining story. I wanted to tell a non-sexually graphic, non-threatening story, where people who loved Tarot and Mysteries, and where people who were part of the LGBTQ community, or loved someone who is, could come together, hear a good story in a safe, fun, non-judgmental place, and can get to know each other.
The other books to come in that series will have other supernatural characters and themes, and contain a good representation of people from within the LGBTQ community who are lead characters and not just the stereotypical side-kick characters there for a quick laugh.
At this point, I have three of the “Tarot Tales Presents’ books in various stages of editing, and a M/M romance called Signs of Hope, due out this Summer – this one will be a saucy read.
Tarot Tales Presents DIAMOND DUST BLUES is being re-edited and will be available again in just a few weeks. Part of the reason, and not to give away any spoilers, is this… with all the news of the laws changing in North Carolina I found that for me to leave the book, and the rest of the series, set there I would have to address those issues. As my intent for writing books is not only to entertain but also to bring people together, I could not leave my book series in North Carolina without my books becoming political. Therefore, I relocated my series to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I want everyone who reads my books to feel safe, included, and welcome. Santa Fe, New Mexico is well known for their welcoming attitude to artists, new age people, the LGTBQ community, and writers; as well as offering a beautiful loving people with a rich heritage, cuisine, and culture. It gives the series even more room to grow.
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