Full Moon Dating Series: Julia Talbot

IimageimageTITLES: Evgeny & Feng, Coy & Denver, Gage & Hamish, Aiden & Benimage

PUBLISHER: Torquere Press

REVIEW: This author did a wonderful job with these cute little novellas. The idea of a dating service for paranormal is quite fabulous and she’s done a lovely job of bringing these characters to life for us. There are several couples matched based on their personalities and species. In some cases, the matchmakers go on gut instinct to make the perfect match for their paranormal clients. I adore the owners Harve and Stone and their administrative assistant is there to keep her two bosses in line and on their ties. Those three are a positively kooky but fun.. These novellas are just that—novellas and as such they are very short. Talbot always manage to tell a great story in a novella and these are no different. She is also manages to inject quite a bit of heat in each story. Think of these novellas as exotic little chocolates with chili pepper centers, sweet and spicy hot.

RATING: ❤️❤️❤️


Torquere Press