Frat House Troopers by Xavier Mayne Narrated by Peter Brooke

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State trooper Brandt’s new assignment to infiltrate a sex-cam operation puts him in a very uncomfortable position, especially since he’ll have to perform naked on camera for his audition. Fortunately his partner and best friend, Donnelly, has his back—whether that means helping Brandt shop gay boutiques for sexy underwear or offering Jäger and encouragement while he researches porn.

Despite his mortification, Brandt gives the audition his best “shot”—and becomes an overnight sensation. But to meet the man behind the operation, he’ll have to give a repeat performance, this time live on webcam opposite the highest bidder. Donnelly makes sure to win that auction for his partner’s sake, but their plan has a flaw: faking it is not an option.

In the aftermath, Brandt is a humiliated mess trying desperately to come to terms with what he’s had to do for the job and his own mixed feelings. But Donnelly has been on a journey of discovery of his own. Suddenly everything the two men thought they knew about themselves and each other gets turned inside out. Meanwhile, they still have a case to solve… but it may not be the case they thought it was.


Brandt and Donelly are best friends and partners on a police force. They are called in to bust a “porn” ring that supposedly exploits college kids to make gay videos for the internet.

To prepare for this they go to the “gay part of town” and meet some hysterical guys who outfit them convincingly and also become their “tutors” on how to be gay.

Brandt must go undercover and join the crew, going so far as to masturbate online to fulfill his undercover roll.

While “performing his duty” Brandt discovers many things about himself, his partner and the so-called porn ring.

In the end the two partners must admit that there is an attraction between them that has to be addressed, a hidden agenda in the police force that has to be rooted out and a true love to be explored – maybe for the rest of their lives.


When I first saw this book I was a little leery of the title. It seemed to “campy” and goofy for my tastes, but when I read the description I was compelled. Double GFY. Friends to lovers. Police men. Ooo la la. Count me in!

There are some “over the top” moments that are clearly done tongue in cheek – Bryce who works at Camp & Dragg (a clothing store) and his friend are hysterical. But the emotions, the look at the porn industry – those are more “real” and definitely worth reading.

The “mystery” was a little obvious, but so what. For me the relationship between Brandt and Donelly was why I bought the book and it was awesome. I absolutely loved their relationship and have since read this book several times.

5 of 5 hearts


Peter Brooke does a fantastic job with this!!!! He is awesome. The cop voices are tough and gritty, Bryce and the “gay voices” are swishy and comedic. The sex is scorching and the overall entertainment is 6 of 5 hearts!

Due to the overall awesomeness of the listening (and reading) experience I give this 6 of 5 hearts.