The Elevator Mechanic (Workplace Encounters #1) by Serena Yates

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elevator mechanicBlurb

Quiet elevator installer Joe Taylor craves more stability in his career, but not in his personal life. Casual sex suits him, and when he meets fitness center owner Bill Evans at a mall where they are both working, they agree on no-strings-attached weekend hookups. Both men have fought hard to escape their pasts and are afraid to commit, so the agreement works well for them—at first. But when the sex gets hotter by the weekend and a deeper connection forms, Joe and Bill wonder if a relationship is feasible, especially since Joe’s work makes it impossible for him to settle down. Joe must consider his changing priorities and decide if he can take a risk on something beyond the physical.


Joe has a low self-esteem and not much experience being a gay man. He’s had some bar encounters but no real relationships. He works construction installing elevators and escalators for a diabolical boss who only wants to cut corners.

Bill is a personal trainer who is opening up a new gym (in the mall Joe is currently working on) and also has a low self-esteem. Bill doesn’t want a relationship because he’s too busy trying to prove himself with his new gym.

Bill meets Joe at a club and the two hit it off right away and agree to a no-strings affair for the duration of Joe’s time spent building the mall. But… Joe gets injured and Bill rides to the rescue to help him recover and to get what’s coming to him in terms of compensation from his evil boss (who fires Joe for being injured).


I didn’t love this story. First, though it’s a pretty solid HFN, it isn’t a solid HEA and I like those better.

Second, the writing isn’t great. It’s a bit sophomoric and not very polished. (Though the editing is good and there aren’t a lot of glaring grammar mistakes or typos.)

Third, I didn’t quite understand the general motivation of either MC. Sometimes they did things that didn’t make sense (like Joe not fighting for his rights when his boss fires him in a ridiculously obvious illegal move or when both men agree to move in with one another after only knowing each other for a very short time).

Fourth, I didn’t find the sex particularly hot or exciting.

So… I was glad these two sad and lonely guys found each other (that made me very happy) and it looks like they’ll probably work out in the long run (I would have liked to see more evidence of this – maybe the “L” word here and there), but I didn’t find this story to be that enthralling or wonderful.

Overall I give it 3 of 5 hearts for having some sweet moments and nice editing.