A Bond of Three by KC Wells

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bond threeBlurb

In the kingdom of Teruna, the red-cloaked Seruani teach the Terunans the art of love. Taken from their homes at seventeen to be trained, they are shunned as outcasts by society and considered the lowest of the low. So when Prince Tanish falls in love with the Seruan Feyar, the man who took his virginity and the only one to share his bed, he is not about to declare that love. No one can ever know, because the consequences would be too painful to consider for both of them.

When the king of Vancor visits Teruna, he promises that his son, Prince Sorran, will marry Prince Tanish to solidify the alliance between the two kingdoms, with the proviso that the virginal Sorran is instructed in the art of pleasing his husband-to-be. When Tanish’s father chooses Feyar to be this instructor, the lovers decide Prince Sorran must be taught that this is to be a marriage in name only….

A resentful prince, unwilling to share his lover.

A resentful Seruan, unwilling to share his prince.

And the shy prince whose very nature sparks changes in the lives of all those around them.

Teruna is about to change forever.

This is a fantasy world called Teruna, with royalty who are trained in lovemaking by Seruani. The Seruani are reviled by society (now) but used to be treated as honored citizens. Feyar is the Seruan of the Prince Tanish. They are in love.

Tanish is betrothed to Prince Sorran for political reasons. Feyar and Tanish vow to hate Sorran and continue their affair despite the engagement.

When Prince Sorran arrives we find out he’s a virgin and that Feyar is assigned to teach Sorran how to make love to Tanish! When Feyar meets Sorran he realizes he can’t hate Sorran and instead Feyar and Tanish end up falling in love with Sorran.

The three men vow to live as lovers but Sorran cannot do it while Feyar is still being treated as scum, so he acts to help change the way the Seruani are treated.

There is also some drama with other potential lovers, the King and an invading army.

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff for a relatively short story, but it’s really well done. On the one hand all the new words and funny names were a bit bulky and got frustrating at times…but I really liked the bit of supernatural magicky stuff that was included and I really liked the many hot sex scenes. (yowza!) I felt that the triad relationship was fairly believable, though I do think Feyar and Tanish accepted the new guy a bit too easily… but the magic elements make that more believable as well.

Overall I enjoyed this book a lot. I loved the message and thought the triad was great.

PS I love the cover with my cocky boys Levi and Duncan!

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