As You Are Audiobook by Ethan Day Narrated by Jason Frazier

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as you areBlurb

Operation Danny….

That’s all bartender and recent college graduate, Julian Hallowell has had on his mind for the past year. Julian may have no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he definitely knows he’s in love with the boy next door: the one in the next room to be exact, his roommate, Danny Wallace.

Danny owns a used textbook store just off campus, and while Julian has done his level best to make Danny fall for him, all his hard work appears to have been in vain. Danny doesn’t seem to view Julian as anything other than that–a roommate and friend. So when new guy in town Andy Baker asks him out on a date, Julian can’t think of a good reason to say no.

Julian has already instituted a Reverse Operation Danny plan, which he’s positive will purge all thoughts of love and lust for his roomie out of his head. He’s ready to move on and start looking for his next Mr. Right, and Andy just might fit the bill.


Julian has had a crush on his roommate, Danny, forever, and just when he’s given up on having him – ie moving on – Danny makes a play for him.

There is a lot of humor in this story. Julian is a hysterical gay man with a lot of fun quirks – clumsiness, sugar addiction, a flair for fashion. His mother is hysterical as well, and has a big heart.   Gabby, the female best friend also provides comic relief.

Danny – well, I just never liked Danny. As the story progresses we see and finally “understand” more about Danny and his motivations, but it was really hard for me to forgive him… and that, ultimately influenced my opinion of the book.

I think that this is one of those books that will either hit it’s mark and make you a fan, or it will count as a miss. For me it was a miss (not enough to deter me from trying another Ethan Day book). The romantic in me was just so unsatisfied by the ending. I really needed Danny to do more to win Julian back and the lack of “making up” left a sour taste in my mouth. (It is a HEA, though.)

Writing/Editing 3

Romance 2

Sex/Heat   4

Storyline 2

World Building/Characterizations 5

Humor 5 – it is really funny!

Overall for the book 3.5 of 5 hearts



Jason Frazier, hands down is one of THE BEST narrators of this genre. He is a PERFORMER. He gets inside the heads of all the characters and makes them all unique and outstanding.

I had read the book before and was not impressed by the story overly much (as you can tell by review) but when I saw that Jason Frazier narrated the book I had to have it anyway.

I’ve said it before and it still holds true, Jason’s narrations remind me of the old days of radio soap operas in that he can create this entire “movie” without pictures for us just by how much personality he puts into each one of his characters.

There are a few truly gifted performers in this genre who bring a story to life more than just tell a tale and Jason is one of them.

I adore his narrations and give this one a 6 out of 5 hearts.