Aiden’s Angel by Aundrea Singer

Dreamspinner Presents


Aiden Lobo is a graduate student in a world where magic, gods, and demons are part of everyday life. After a terrible betrayal, he is cursed with a Crack in his heart, turning him into a living doorway for an ancient demon of war to come to Earth and kill millions. Aiden is rescued by his guardian angel, who seals the Crack with his own Light. As a servant of the divine, the nameless angel was supposed to kill Aiden to prevent the growing cataclysm inside him. But he loves Aiden too much to end his life, even to save the world.

Aiden falls for his guardian and names him Eskandar, but then learns to his horror that because Eskandar was created for him, when Aiden dies Eskandar will too. Aiden will do anything to keep his beloved angel safe. But with no choice except to sacrifice himself to prevent the apocalypse, he only has one option: a terrible betrayal of his own.


This is a fast paced, low steam, full of maglc novel. The smexy times are more suggestive than actualized, but still very nice. The love is sincere and sweet.  The fantasy is engaging and well done.

The bulk of the story is Aiden fighting against the evil forces that are trying to come out through a gateway opened in his heart. Everywhere he turns, people he trusts are turning against him. Only his guardian angel and sidekick are completely trustworthy but the answers they give – he doesn’t want to hear.

I really enjoyed this, even without tons of hot sex, and think that those of you looking for adventure and sentimentality will like it as well.

4.25 of 5 hearts