Business or Pleasure by Michael Cross and Emma Michaels

Dreamspinner Presents:


When American Ian lands a secretarial job in the United Kingdom, he thinks he’s set for life. Admittedly, he’s still a bachelor living in a small apartment and working for a complete jackass, but other than that, his life is everything he ever hoped for in an enticing city full of beautiful people. When Alistair Security is robbed during the Christmas Fundraiser, the last thing Ian expects is to end up locked in with his boss, Alex Alistair, and to realize he might have mistaken his resentment for something else. The two men find common ground throughout the night, but when morning comes and the news hits the headlines, their connection will be tested. Ian might find himself at the start of a hot office romance—or he’ll spend the holidays browsing the classifieds.



This started out as a very hot, enemies to lovers story. I loved the sexual tension between the jack-ass boss Alex and his super-efficient and snarky assistant Ian.

At the company Christmas party there’s a break-in (proving that the security company isn’t so good at it’s job) and Alex and Ian are locked in with one another while the thieves taunt them outside the door.

Here’s where the story goes off the rails for me. They make a plan to call Ian’s sister (not the cops mind you) and have her call the police but Ian is anemic and drops the phone because he’s too weak from hunger. (Huh? I don’t get that connection at all.) Then, while they wait, hoping the cops are coming, they deicide to have sex for the first time.  Later, Ian makes a comment  about a competitor being a former lover and Alex gets mad, fires Ian and storms off.   Alex’s fiancé (a woman) sees how sad Alex is and tells him she knew he was always gay and that she only stayed with him because she felt that if he was going to be unhappy she was better than nobody but seeing him with Ian forced her to realize he could be happy – so he should be with Ian. (Say what?)

It just didn’t make much sense.

So, though it had good potential, it really fell flat at the end and unraveled to the point that it was almost ridiculous.

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