Night Shift Audiobook by Kim Fielding Narrated by Max Lehnen








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Aside from a sympathetic parole officer, Aiden Finn is alone in the world. He knows this is his last chance—after a lifetime in and out of prison, one more mistake will land him there to stay. Unfortunately, his job as a night custodian at a motel is neither satisfying nor good for building his confidence, and booze and burglary are always just a step behind him.
Enter beautiful, exotic, and secretive Luka Gabor, the motel’s new security guard. He seems to know a great deal about literature, history, and travel but otherwise remains a mystery. Aiden has to admit, the sex has never been better, and he might even be feeling the beginnings of friendship. He dares to hope that this time, he won’t mess things up—if lurking monsters don’t ruin his plans.

My Review

Aiden thinks he’s a “loser”. He’s an ex-con on parole ,working at a nothing job, his last chance before being sent back to prison for life. He’s got a GED but nothing else. No money, no friends, nothing much to do. Until he meets Luka.

Luka is the new security guard at Aiden’s work and every night, during Aiden’s dinner break, Luka gives Aiden a BJ! He never seeks reciprocity and refuses to see Aiden in daylight hours. Sure they enjoy some lovely conversation as well, but most of their “relationship” is confined to these encounters.

At first Aiden goes with the flow, enjoying the benefits of Luka’s peculiar form of contact, but then he begins to get attached, and his feelings get hurt.

To make himself “a better man” (and to distract himself from Luka), Aiden joins a book club, considers going to community college and starts to think about the future. Where does Luka fit in to his new life plan?

Eventually, Luka has to tell his secrets and Aiden has to decide if his monsters can co-exist with Luka’s.


This is a short, sweet love story. Both Aiden and Luka are so alone and so … troubled. The secret is pretty easy to figure out, it’s not meant to be a great mystery, but I liked how it gets divulged and this is a unique take on the vampire theme.

I really felt like Luka and Aiden had a chance at making a go of things, and I wished the book had continued on- maybe another chapter or two at least – to give us a picture of the two of them together, as a couple, with no secrets.

This was a great, unique, vampire story and I highly recommend it, giving it a 4.5 of 5 hearts, dropping it down from 5 only because it was too short.


Max Lehnen did a good job with this. His accent for Luka was good (I wished it were a little more pronounced) but the “vaguely European” accent he used matched what I imagined Luka having.

The sound quality and editing was good as well.

I give it a 4 of 5 hearts.

Overall I’d give it a 4.25 of 5 hearts (rounded back to 4.5 to keep things easy).