The Carpenter by Serena Yates

Dreamspinner Presents


A Workplace Encounters Book

Tom Halderson is a carpenter in desperate need of a big project to save the financially troubled construction company he inherited from his father. Tom is a better carpenter than a businessman, and worse yet, Tom’s estranged brother suddenly demands his share of the inheritance. When Matt Langford hires Tom to renovate his house, things begin to look up. A safari guide, Matt plans to restore and sell the home his grandfather left him and return to his exciting life in Africa. He is not about to let his sudden—and powerful—attraction to Tom persuade him to settle down—not after infidelity destroyed his own family. But adventurous Matt is exactly what Tom’s life is lacking, and Tom is determined to show Matt what could be between them.


Tom takes over the construction company from his father, though it isn’t his dream. His evil brother Derek returns to take the company from him and when he’s rebuffed, tries to sabotage things.

While trying to keep the company afloat Tom meets and falls for Matt, a new (rich) client.

Tom has had some significant abuse in his past relationships, the trouble with the company and his brother, but together he and Matt find their way to happiness.


As with the others in this series, this is a fairly light read with some darkish moments. I liked the storyline well enough, though I thought Derek’s character acted in ways that didn’t make sense. I also felt the dialog and communication between Matt and Tom was a bit stiff and awkward.

In general, if there had been a bit more showing and less telling this could have been a better read.

3 of 5 hearts