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slaying-isidores-dragonsHow Slaying Isidore’s Dragons is Different from Omorphi 

Thank you, Kimi-chan, for the honor and privilege of sharing my new book with you! It’s great to be here!

Welcome to the book tour for Slaying Isidore’s Dragons and the countdown to release! Beginning tonight at 7 p.m. Pacific Standard Time* on my Facebook wall we’re going to party down to the release of Slaying Isidore’s Dragons at 9 p.m.! Come join us!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my books, I write books about hope, triumph, and building life beyond abuse. While many of the tenets in my books are about learning to live after abuse, they apply to everyone in everyday life. Above all is hope. Without hope, we lose the will to live life to the fullest and Slaying Isidore’s Dragons and Omorphi are about exactly that. But the stories are vastly different in subtle ways. In fact, you may often find that the most valuable principles and adages in my books are understated.

Every story has an end but life is a new beginning2

In Omorphi, we meet Christy briefly three months after he has been rescued from abuse, but the story doesn’t begin until the following March, one year after his freedom begins.

Christy continues to endure post-traumatic stress, but is learning how to manage triggers, and building a self-image and a sense of self-worth. In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, we meet Isidore as he endures heinous abuse and leaves his abusive environment. Though Isidore knows what upsets him, he doesn’t know what his triggers are, let alone identify and manage them. He has no sense of self or self-image, and his only sense of self-worth is based in the opinions of his abusers. Meeting Declan gives him the first whisper of what it might be like to be something other than a victim.

In Omorphi, we meet Michael, an utterly normal guy living a charmed life with two great parents. In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, we meet Declan, also an utterly normal guy, but whose life has come to an emotional halt upon the assassination of his beloved father. Though he loves his mother dearly, a part of him is lost and meeting Isidore gives him a renewed sense of purpose.

In Omorphi, Christy’s abusers are in a faraway land. In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, Isidore’s abusers are in his face every day at school—and want him back and are willing to go to great lengths to get him back. The terror Isidore lives with is debilitating and he loses his emotional grip when he is away from Declan.

In Omorphi, Christy and Michael deal with everyday issues at school and an abuser who wants Christy back. In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, Isidore and Declan deal with extraordinary issues engendered by being children of diplomats including security, media presence, and very real life-threatening dangers.

In Omorphi, Christy is learning how to live independently and struggles to learn how to be “normal.” In Slaying Isidore’s Dragons, Isidore merely wants to keep the vestiges of his sanity and has no idea what it is like to live his own life. He clings to Declan in a way

that appears abnormal but, in fact, is very normal for a person first out of an abusive environment. We are all products of our environments and when removed from them, no matter how heinous they might be, we lose our basis for security and become terrified. With Declan’s help, Isidore learns to breathe in safety and courage, breathe out the past, and learn to live again.

What are the similarities between the books? Hope, triumph, and a new beginning. That’s why both books end with: ~The Beginning~

The Beginning

Enjoy reading Slaying Isidore’s Dragons and may Isidore’s newfound courage give you a breath of fresh air!

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Hope to see you at the party!


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4 thoughts on “Slaying Isidore’s Dragons by Cody Kennedy Tour with Guest Post

  1. Deeze

    Great blog post, now I’m not only eager to read Isidores story, I’m ready to re read Christys too lol.

  2. Timmy Ashton

    To me the two stories were not very similar at all. The characters were every different. Isidore and Christy are both in different stages of recovery and Michael and Declan are very different in character. Michael is more laid back whereas Declan has a bit of a temper. However both stories have helped me a great deal. Thank you Cody for the hopeful stories! I’m excited about the release!
    Thanks Kimi for the chance to visit your blog!
    <3 Timmy

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