Takes Two To Tango by Vicky Heysham

Daily Dose Short Story
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Established TV personality Daniel Josephs only agrees to take part in a reality dancing show in London to lose weight. Single, successful, and (mostly) sorted, he’s already happy, even if he secretly wishes his love life was as rewarding as his professional one. Young athlete Will Smith, who gave up the earldom he inherited to pursue Olympic dreams, is far from happy—not to mention not interested in someone as old as Daniel. But when Will’s past catches up with him, it’s Daniel who helps him piece his life back together.


This is an odd story. On the one hand, it’s very British and you have to read it carefully to follow who is doing what and why. On the other hand, it is very fast paced and loosely framed, so the author leaves us with a lot to fill using our imagination.

Daniel is the older guy, out and proud, who stars on AM TV shows but took on the dancing with the stars stint to help stay fit.

Will is a member of the aristocracy, in the closet, training for the Olympics and looking to make some connections. He’s very intense, by comparison Daniel’s very laid back.

In a somewhat strange turn of events, Will gets dumped by one of the dance coaches and has no place to live after also being outed while dating said dance coach. Daniel, who had always had his eye on the younger man, but kept getting rebuffed, helps him out by offering him the use of his spare room until the contest ends.

Eventually, Will and Daniel end up romantically involved and though geography is against them, they manage to find their HEA.


This story never flowed quite right for me. It sort of hopped all over the place and I never felt a strong connection with either MC or their subsequent coupledom.

I appreciated the uniqueness of the writing style, but found it a bit too scattered to say that I liked it.

2.75 of 5 hearts