Breaking (Book two of the Fall or Break series) by Barbara Elsborg

Samhain Publishing Presents

This book is slated to be released July 28, 2015


Archer Hart is on the move before the man he’s just killed is found. When a bullet whizzes past his ear, he realizes hunter is now hunted. So much for his retirement plans. Someone wants him dead and all he can do is keep running.

Downed by a hit and run driver, barrister Conrad Black is certain the ‘accident’ was deliberate but he has no proof or support. In recovery, struggling to work out of partial paralysis, he has plenty of time to wonder who regrets not striking him harder. At this point, running anywhere is a distant dream.

The confidence, determination and stamina of two alphas males will mean little if neither is willing to bend—seize the love offered—and work together to understand why they’re suddenly both marked men. Not easy for either when Archer has broken the law in the worst possible way and Conrad is the law.


Wow! Another amazing, gripping, very HOT and tender love story from Barbara Elsborg.

We met Conrad in book one, he was Malachi’s ex, the controlling, self-centered, almost kinda evil guy, who redeems himself at the end. He’s been struck down by a hit and run driver and was paralyzed from the accident – briefly. While he’s on the mend, he takes himself to a beach cottage and searches for the person he’s convinced tried to make the hit and run look like an accident.

On a walk one day he sees a surfer nearly drown and risks his own life to save him. That man is Archer, a murder-for hire who is trying to get out of the business. Archer also has someone after him – and he needs time to figure out who that is.

Together, these broken men – both uber alpha – struggle against their powerlessness, their attraction to one another and their pasts.

Of course – neither trusts the other – one being on the side of the law and the other being on the side of the highest bidder.

As the story unfolds it becomes clear that the men might have more of a connection than just the beach rescue.

(I’m not going into that more here – you’ll just have to read it to find out!)


As with book one, I thought this was an amazing story with really richly developed characters who organically grew and changed over the course of the story until they became the men who could accept the deep and abiding love that finally finds them.

I grew a bit tired at the secondary plot – it was certainly important – but I wanted to skim parts of the “intrigue” and “action” scenes.

I absolutely loved how Conrad turned from villain to good guy. It felt very real and authentic and not at all forced.

The final scenes were a little confusing to me – I wasn’t sure what Archer’s motivations were in keeping Conrad in the dark for so long – but… in the end it all worked out really beautifully and the epilogue was both hot and terribly sweet!

I highly recommend this book and this series.

4.75 of 5 hearts



Shadowing Mace by Cheyenne Meadows

Dreamspinner Presents

shadowing maceBlurb

With his brother away at a conference, alpha wolf shifter Shadow finds himself paired with IT analyst Mace, the one man he can’t stand. Stuck with the partnership due to his pack leader’s order, Shadow can only count down the days until his life returns to normal. He’s a loner. Period. No matter how much his inner beast protests.

Mace isn’t thrilled either, but can’t resist the temptation to push all the surly alpha’s buttons, even as he fantasizes about what could be. Flirting with danger, he’s determined to make the best of the situation, if he can only get Shadow to give in to both their desires.

Unfortunately, a twisted revenge-seeker has other plans. A series of events rocks the entire pack, leaving innocent people hurt and fear running rampant. Both men are thrust into the chaos, working tirelessly to track down the culprit before someone winds up dead. The pressure of trying to stay a jump ahead, with absolutely no clues, pushes them to the brink. Add in a burning hunger for each other, and their world begins to crumble around them. With no other choice, they have to trust and depend on one another in order to have a chance at solving the mystery and saving lives.


Mace is re-assigned to work with Shadow on security. Shadow is cranky and surly and of course immediately attracted to Mace.

Mace has been crushing on Shadow for awhile, but has a hard time breaking through his tough outer shell to the ooey gooey center he thinks is hiding inside.

At first there is a lot of sexual tension and flirting and fighting – Shadow can be a real son-of-a-bitch – but when Mace finally pushes Shadow over the edge – watch out! The passion between these guys is hot!

There is a mystery to be solved (this is the weakest part of this story) and Shadow takes out his frustration on the men he works with and Mace, but… Mace calls him on his crap and eventually they solve the case.

I was so pleased to see that this book felt much more like the first book I had read by Cheyenne Meadows, Feline Persuasion, and not much like the last book I had read by her, Friends with Benefits.

This book was full of sultry, sweaty sexual tension between two alpha males and they were smokin’ hot!

I loved how Shadow kept “marking” Mace and making him “his” without coming out and saying it. The emotions between the two guys was sweet but felt appropriate, too.

Writing/Editing 4

Romance 5

Sex/Heat 6

Storyline 3

World Building/Characterizations 4

Overall 4.4 of 5 hearts!


PS Another amazing cover by Reese Dante – so gorgeous!