The Shared Harvest by DW Marchwell

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Doug Johnston is his brother Paul’s primary caregiver. Though Paul’s disease dictates he shouldn’t live past the age of twenty-five, Paul’s thirtieth birthday is a few months away. The brothers have only had each other since their mother passed away years earlier and their father left shortly after Paul’s diagnosis with Becker’s muscular dystrophy. Though mostly happy with his life, Doug would love to be in a relationship, but he won’t settle for anyone but the perfect man.

Carson Oliver used to be the man everyone recognized and wanted, But when the top-rated DIY program he hosted was canceled in the late 90s, he sought comfort in food… lots of food. While he owns a landscaping business and family farm, he doesn’t think life has much more to offer than working and taking care of his ailing mother. When he meets Doug, the attraction is immediate. It is aided by an important role Carson once played in Doug and Paul’s lives—one Carson doesn’t remember but they’ve never forgotten.

When Carson doesn’t believe anyone can possibly want him the way he is, Doug sets out to prove him wrong. With the assistance of his enthusiastic brother, Carson’s unrestrained mother, and her crazy cat, Doug just might get the job done.


Doug takes care of his brother and works as a waiter. One day he sees Carson who helped his mom years ago, and “saves him” from some mean comments. Doug doesn’t see an overweight guy, just a beautiful man with a lot of talent.

Carson used to be on TV, he lost his job and ended up drowning his sorrow in food. Now he feels ugly and unlovable. He can’t accept a good looking guy like Doug is actually interested in him, but can’t help but want to be around him and his brother.

The two begin a friendship that slowly evolves to more as Carson begins to trust in himself and Doug.

There are hurdles, Paul’s health, Carson’s self image, Carson’s mother, careers… but they handle each together.

First let me warn you to have Kleenex ready when you read this. Paul is very sick and has been for a while. It is really hard to read about Doug’s pain on the prospect of losing his dear brother.

Doug is not perfect, but nearly so and he is the perfect man for Carson.

Carson’s heart is always in the right place even when he blunders, he does so with his eyes on the right path.

The smexy times were very steamy and I really loved how Doug and Carson resolved Carson’s body image concerns.

I loved this book right up until the end. It was moving, captivating, tender and lovely. My only problem was the epilogue. The couple gets a strong HFN probably HEA, but I really, really wanted it to be cemented in firmly. I was also really uncomfortable with how Doug left things with Carson’s mother. I needed them to get past their issues.

But – I wouldn’t let any of those concerns dissuade me from recommending this book wholeheartedly.  I stayed up til 3 AM to finish this book, it held me so captive.

DW Marchwell is an excellent writer. He really knows how to demonstrate tenderness and generosity of spirit. He combines humor with the underlying sadness in this book so that though the reader might tearing up one moment she is laughing the next. This is a lovely book that anyone with a functioning heart should read.

4.5 of 5 hearts