The Swag Man Delivers by Sean Michael

Dreamspinner Presents
When Orpheus runs into Gage on an Australian beach, he figures Santa knew exactly what he was doing.
Orpheus “O” Drummond, a recent Ph.D. graduate, is visiting Australia after defending his thesis, and being dumped by his boyfriend. While alone on the beach in Australia was not how he’d originally planned on spending his Christmas, when O runs into Gage, he figures Santa knew exactly what he was doing.
Gage is traveling away from his Texan home, trying to “find himself.” When he finds O instead, he doesn’t think things could have worked out better. Together Gage and O celebrate Christmas in the best way they can think of.

O meets Gage and they proceed to have lots of hot sex.
In Australia.
The End.

It was super hot sex and sometimes funny, but not much else to this story.

2.5 of 5 hearts