A Night Never Forgotten by SJD Peterson

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NightNeverForgotten[A] (1)Blurb
An infection leaves Braylon unable to make his annual trip to Toronto, but a stranger’s gift might be the miracle he needs.
After a one night whirlwind romance, Braylon returns to Toronto on the first of December every year in the hopes of seeing the man of his dreams again. Instead Braylon meets a strange man who tells him Christmas is a magical time, and one never knows what unexpected gifts he’ll receive. Braylon takes a chance and makes a Christmas wish, but instead of getting what he wants, he contracts an infection, leaving him dependent on dialysis and unable to make the journey the following year. But the stranger just might be right; an unexpected gift may be the miracle Braylon needs most of all.

This was a delightful story about tenacity, hope, love and karma. Two boys meet and then years later an absolutely unbelievable connection is formed between the two that leads them to a very happy future – together, forever.
Though short (as all these Advent Calendar stories are) it was gripping and had me on the edge of my seat for a moment! I really got involved in this – more than some of the other Advent stories – and thought it was a great short story. It was complete and full and though I would have loved more – I didn’t go away feeling short-changed. SJD Peterson is an excellent writer and this was an excellent story.
I highly recommend this and give it 5 of 5 hearts