Last of Summer by Genna Donaghy

Dreamspinner Presents:


Rowan and Martin must learn to trust one another if they hope to deliver a phoenix home in time.
Although Rowan Stormbringer was raised Wiccan, he’s never felt a connection to magic. That changes on the eve of Yule, when he encounters a magical creature, a phoenix, that needs his help getting to Stonehenge before the sun sets that day. Hiding a magical creature in the mortal world is tricky at best, but partnering with a good- looking, snarky taxi driver may be just the ticket Rowan needs. As they explore their instant attraction to each other, Rowan and Martin must learn to trust one another if they hope to deliver the phoenix home in time.



OMG I loved this story!
Rowan is the black sheep in his Wiccan family – not quite a believer in all things witchy – but he works for the family biz and is currently in London on a job. He goes to catch a cab when suddenly he sees something fly by and knows he has to find and help it.
Turns out, the flying thing is a Phoenix needing a ride to Stonehenge (of course!). Rowan’s cab driver (Martin) wants the cash up front if he’s going to deliver this dodgy package all the way to Stonehenge but can’t help but be pleased when he finds out Rowan plays for his team.
Rowan and Martin (if you’re as old as me that’s a funny name combination!) must walk the last few feet since the cab can’t make it all the way. Rowan has to divulge just what it is he’s carrying, and now Martin thinks Rowan’s cute and batty. But both Rowan and Martin are amazed at what they sees when they let the Phoenix fly and both lives will be changed as a result.
In the end, the clasp of hands lets us know that there will be more to the romance and having seen true magic, we know both men’s lives are going to change in lots of ways.
Again I’m left wishing this were a longer story because it was so dang good! However, the author did a great job of giving us a complete story full of adventure, humor, and magic.

I give this story 5 of 5 hearts and highly recommend it.